Our Circus of Grace

Let me introduce you to the dear souls (in need of a continual download of grace) that are living together (while uploading memories) and who make the material on this blog possible!

Meet Don…(the government-worker, the gardener, the gourmet pizza-maker, and the guru of history)


Meet Jessica…(the counselor, the coffee-drinker, the consumer of books, and the capturer of memories)


Meet Caden…(the inquisitive first-born, the instant-learner, the introverted comedian, and the incredible rememberer)


Meet Evie…(the social-sweetheart, the super-smiler, the selective-sleeper, and the sunny soul)


We truly are a circus of grace!


3 thoughts on “Our Circus of Grace

  1. Hey Miss Jessica! My name is Alivia. My mom did a book club with you. Jenny. I just wanted to let you know that I admire your blog!

    • Thank you, sweet Alivia! Even though we have only met once, I do remember you! 🙂 I am SO glad that you are enjoying my blog! Isn’t God so great that He uses broken and busted souls to encourage other broken and busted souls! Keep feeding and feasting on HIM, sweet girl!

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