Books, Books, Books: A November Give-Away

I had no clue what book I was going to give away this month. NONE.

So when I happened upon this title (several days after our foster son’s open-heart surgery was canceled/rescheduled and my heart felt like a puddle of raw mush), I devoured its contents within a week.

Friends, I have three small children, a part-time job, and a whole bunch of other things I need to do with my time…other than read…so this is kinda a big deal. But friends, this book was that good. 

It’s been the kind of book that I have stolen away (even if to read only a few pages at a time) as a baby has used my legs as a jungle gym and as I’ve waited for dinner meat to thaw. Truly, it’s been a man-written balm to my soul in a time when my heart, soul, and mind have needed some tender, loving care.

And maybe you’re there too? Or maybe you’ll be there soon? Either way, I want people to have this title, squirreled away on a book shelf, for a season where weary and hard are the themes and memes of your season.

So what book am I giving away this month? 

I am giving away THREE copies of Remember God by Annie F. Downs.

And why am I giving away this book?

Because my tender heart needed this read. In a season of weary and hard, I needed the reminder that God is “kind,” and I needed  to rehearse the Truth that there can be purpose in the pain, beauty in the struggle.

That is why; my one and only reason.

So what are a few of my favorite line(s) from this book? 

“Again, an empty space that God could have filled, but He didn’t.”

“And back on that Monday of the fast in June, I sat in my swirly chair just dumbfounded at the idea that God has said, thousands of years ago, He would be for me what other people didn’t know He could be. He has fed my heart and soul in ways I didn’t know He could do.”

“When being un-tethered is the gift. When the limp is the blessing. When the most beautiful thing is not the empty places being filled, but the empty places being seen.”

So how can you win a copy of this book? 

In the comment section below, share a blessing that has come from your hard and at 10 PM (EST) on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), I will randomly choose THREE of you to win a copy of this book!

Happy THANKSgiving (even in the midst of pain)! 


10 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: A November Give-Away

  1. We’ve been dealing with some issues with one of our kids – not anything horrible in and of itself, but it’s been going on for a loooong time and has had me feeling pretty weary. I’ve had a hard time relinquishing control when it comes to my kids, and this is one area where I have absolutely no control. But God has used it to show me that HE is in control, and He is freeing me from the belief that this issue keeps reoccurring because I failed as a parent.

  2. Children! This year has had a lot of hard for our family but God has been whispering to my soul through it all that these 5 a my blessings. I can either choose to dwell on the hard or I can choose to enjoy them in the middle of the chaos.

  3. WITHOUT many details…my ‘hard’ happened 2 years ago this past november. hard on my marriage. hard on my mind. hard on my soul. God’s faithfulness and his promises, and His UNANSWERED prayers are what plucked me out of that hard ‘what seemed to be’ bottomless pit. He is FAITHFUL..ALWAYS!

  4. Our “hard” was the birth of a grandchild 11 years ago with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome and multiple cardiac abnormalities. We did grieve our expectation of a “normal” healthy infant. But then we took His hand of grace as we journeyed in unfamiliar territory. Her cardiac issues were resolved without surgery. But what was even more significant was how He changed us and opened our minds, hearts, and spirits to the world of those affected by disabilities. We have had the privilege of meeting the real heroes of the world…caregivers, medical professionals and teachers who have demonstrated the love of Jesus. We have seen that “the least of these” have gifts and talents and in some ways are “higher functioning “ than those of us who think we are “normal “. He has led our extended family to be involved in advocacy organizations and we have started an inclusive ministry in our faith community. We have experienced His richest blessings. Challenges remain but we see them now as opportunities. We can’t imagine life without our dear Kate.

  5. We’ve had many hards through our marriage and mostly financial. Losing my work-at-home job was a big punch to my gut. I stressed over money til it made me sick sometimes. We’ve been through rough pregnancies, cancer, finances…and always – through it all – He shows us HE is in control. He will always provide WHEN it’s needed…not when we think we need it. He took away the cancer and we have 3 beautiful children.

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