Books, Books, Books: An August Give-Away

Can you believe it, friends?!?! Summer is almost over and school is almost here! WOWZA! Not gonna lie, there are parts of me that are so sad to see summer go and other parts of me that are raising the “hallelujah-school-is-coming-again” banner! So many fun memories made this summer and so many exciting things ahead; this mama is swimming in a bag of mixed emotions!

SOOOOOO…to commemorate the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year (T-5 days for us), I am going to give away the book that I will be gifting our son on the eve of his 1st grade year!

So what book am I giving away? 

I am giving away TWO copies of I Will follow Jesus Bible Storybook by Judah and Chelsea Smith.

And why am I giving away this book?

Three reasons!

  1. This is the new Bible that Caden and I will be journeying through this school year! I think it will be a GREAT devotional for him.
  2. I love the illustrations–ESPECIALLY love that the illustrations include people of ALL color!
  3. I love that all of the stories focus on the importance of FOLLOWING Jesus–not just believing in Jesus, but FOLLOWING Him! Loving Him, trusting Him, and following Him!

So what are a few of my favorite line(s) from this book? 

I haven’t read a single line of the book–only glanced through the pages and read over the chapter titles, so I can’t even answer my own question!

But here’s what I do love:

I love that there are 60 different Bible Truth-stories. I love that the stories walk through the OT and NT. And I love that the stories are short and to the point–catching the heart and packing a powerful soul-punch with great application questions and thought-provoking challenges.


So how can you win a copy of this book? 

In the comment section below, share your favorite 2017 summer memory and on Sunday at 9PM (EST), I will select TWO winners!


5 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: An August Give-Away

  1. Just being with family. I don’t get to see my sisters and brother often (twice a year at most) and each visit is very special. Chaotic with 10 kids, but special!

    Since I didn’t have to work this summer I got to focus more on MY family too. ❤

  2. Taking the boys up to Joe’s parents cabin- they LOVED swimming and started a tradition of taking “baths” on the pier every night- we brought out the soap- they never took an actual bath while we were up there! 🙂

  3. All five of us taking a trip to up state NY to visit my husband’s family. There were family members all over the place! Everyday, we rode 4 wheelers, swam in the pond and swung on swings. And then to celebrate Dan and my 8th anniversary, my mother-in-law was in NY with us and watched the kids for an OVERNIGHT!!!! Found a super cute coffee shop in the little town and probably supported then way too much 😊. When the vacation was over and we were coming home, we stopped by Niagra Falls and got down poured on. The older two were loving it and the youngest (18) months was crying the whole walk back to the car 😂. Such a fun trip with a lot of “firsts” for the kids!

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