Pink in the Darkness

I love car ride conversations with my kids; I really, really do. And I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again…

The best talks happen when those littles are buckled in the back!

Today, as we made our way downtown, Evie was announcing the color of everything her little eyes spied.




“Dark Black!”

As she continued to name the colors of cars, condos, and coffee shop window fronts, I posed a question to my little one.

“Evie, who made all the colors?”

Without missing a beat, she exclaimed, “JESUS!!!”

“You’re right, girl. He created all of the colors out of nothing at all! Isn’t that awesome?”

She was quiet for a second (which is kind of rare these days) and then proclaimed with gusto…

“Out of the darkness, He made pink!” 

I smiled from the front seat.

“You’re right, sweet girl. Out of the darkness, He made pink!”

And the more I thought about this truth as I made our way over bridges, under tunnels, and alongside graffiti-covered cargo trains, the more I became enamored with this beautiful thought.

She was right.

Out of complete and utter darkness, He shed light and created color. What was once dark, formless, and void became a kaleidoscope of colors, a rainbow of beauty. And though I’m not sure pink was the first color He created (though I’m sure our little girl could make an argument for this), He splashed His canvas with all kinds of color–pink included.

As the songs played over the radio, I kept mulling over this lovely thought.

“Out of the darkness, He made pink!” 

And as I continued to think on this, I found myself reflecting on the character of God.

Isn’t that just what He does? Isn’t that just who He is?

The God who takes the ugly and makes it beautiful.

The God who takes the broken and makes it whole.

The God who takes the dead and makes it alive.

The God who takes the empty and fills it.

The God who takes the impossible and makes it possible.

The God who takes the unlikely and does the unimagined.

That is HIM; our daughter was right.

He is the God who makes pink out of darkness!  

And guess what?

He’s still doing it.

He’s still taking the yucky and the hard and making it beautiful. He’s still taking the messed up and the screwed up and making it whole. He’s still taking the rejected and the dejected and making it new. He’s still taking the junk of our lives and the dead in our souls and making it full.

He is.

Isaiah 43:19 says, “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” 

Do you see it, friend?

Do you see the little changes, the small growth?

Do you feel that tiny movement, that wee success?

Do you hear the bitty sprouting, the modest maturing?

In your heart and in your life? In your mind and in your soul?

In their soul and in their lives? In their speech and in their deeds?

In those situations and in those circumstances?

Do you not see it?

Do you not believe it?

Can you not see the hues of pink springing forth?

Do you not sense the softening?

Friend, God is still making PINK! 

I don’t know what you’re facing today and what area of your life needs a shade of pink or two, but He’s still in the business of redeeming and restoring. He’s still in the business of resurrecting and renewing. He’s still in the business of making PINK out of darkness.

Pray for pink;

Look for pink; and

Praise Him for the pink.

For our God is a God who wants to show us pink!







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