27 Things I Want My Kids to Remember: Another Addendum

  1. There are “black” areas and “white” areas and there are also a lot of “gray” areas. Life is messy, broken, and complicated; don’t deduce it to “either” and “or” because sometimes it’s “both-and.”
  2. When you choose to open your home to others, you choose to open your home to “wears” and “tears;” choose the eternal.
  3. Don’t assume that people will see or observe your “no;” say your “no.” Boundaries are best understood when you speak them.
  4. Any time you put yourself (or anything else) in the center of your world, you are removing God from His rightful place. When you do that, don’t be shocked when your life feels overwhelming and unbearable.
  5. No matter what the world tells you, you are “guilty” and there is ONE who forgives sins.
  6. No matter what the world tells you, you have “shame” and there is ONE who restores honor.
  7. You can choose to assume what another person thinks, or you could just ask them and save yourself some undue stress.
  8. Your feelings are just that. FEELINGS. Be careful of letting them have the driver’s seat; they can take you to untrue places.
  9. Crying doesn’t make you weak; it makes you real.
  10. We all have blind spots in our lives; find someone who can lovingly see those “spots” and point them out with gracious truth.
  11. De-throning yourself from your heart’s throne and laying yourself on the cross is a painful and daily process.
  12. “Following Jesus” can take you to scary places that feel bad.
  13. “Following your heart” can take you to bad places that feel good.
  14. You can’t earn God’s love, and yet you can’t afford to take it for granted either.
  15. Taking your thoughts captive and regulating your emotions will be a lifelong task.
  16. You don’t have to have all of the “answers” to love someone.
  17. Broken people are the only ones on earth; you won’t be the odd-ball.
  18. It’s hard to live tomorrow with today’s manna.
  19. The goal of love needs to be LOVE. And if it’s not, you’ll be disappointed every single time. Love does not demand a return or a result.
  20. You can’t expect that prayer is going to remove your thorns, and you can’t expect that it won’t.
  21. The Christian walk will be discouraging if you’re looking for “thrills” and “chills” to keep you moving forward.
  22. You can become so consumed with the outside of your “temple” that you neglect the inside…the place where He dwells.
  23. There is ALWAYS HOPE because God is still in the business of restoring, renewing, and redeeming.
  24. It’s hard to forgive others when you aren’t aware of your own need for forgiveness.
  25. You will waste so much of your life worrying about what “could” and what “might” happen.
  26. It’s hard to long for heaven when you long for earthly happiness.
  27. Life is sweeter when you notice the little moments of grace, rather than waiting for the “big ones.”

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