“Mommy, Our Sins Made a Mess!”

I love crafts. I love my kids. I love the Gospel.

So when I get a chance to do a craft with my kids while simultaneously talking about the Gospel, my heart kinda does a happy dance.

Today was one of those days.

Today was the kind of day when you put down the discipleship book and lay aside the verse memory, so that you can punch holes in yolk-filled eggs, stuff them with paint, and then go smash them. ALL while talking about the Gospel.

So in an “egg-shell,” here is how we talked about Jesus today. 

Before the Fall of Man, we were perfect “eggs”–spotless as snow, whole and perfectly formed. But when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit and disobeyed God, we became “cracked souls”–no longer white and no longer whole. We were left with a “God-shaped hole.”

And since the beginning of time, we have been trying to fill that hole with all kinds of things.

Cash and cars…

Friends and fantasies…

Important Jobs and Big Houses…

Titles and promotions…

Perfect faces and  fancy clothes…

Education and Spirituality…

Being Good and Looking Good…

In many ways, we have tried to “fill our holes” with all kinds of “sticky sin,” attempting to fill the void and create perfection again. But our “eggs” are all kinds of “messy”and all kinds of “broken,” which is why we need a perfect, spotless, sinless lamb to save us, to make us whole again.


And because God knew that we would never be “whole” again without Him, He created a rescue plan to redeem us. A perfect plan, a spotless lamb–white as snow.



And that perfect, sinless lamb climbed a hill, carried a cross, and lovingly bore ALL of our “messy sin” and all of our “broken shells.”


“Splattered” with our yuck and “covered” with our sin, the spotless lamb died.


And in the words of my children,

“Our sins made a big mess.”

“Our sins spread all over.”

“Our sin came out.”

“Our sin gets on us.”

“Our sin made a mess on Jesus.”

And man, were they ever right!


But three days later, He rose victorious and conquered the grave. Three days later, that cross that was “stained with all our sin and all our mess” was made whole again–perfectly white and entirely pure. And that cross is the VERY thing that we need to make us whole again…free from the stain of our shame and pardoned from the mess of our sin.


Because it was…and STILL IS… Jesus–the only one who stands in the middle of our sins, washing them white and making us whole.



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