31 Giggles

Life is just too short, and too hard, and too serious, and too many other complicated, adult-like things to stifle the giggles and hold in the laughs.

Can I get an, “Amen?!?!”

So in an attempt to bring a smile to your face and maybe even conjure up a belly laugh or six, I thought I would share some of our recent “kid funnies.” Because seriously, laughing and smiling is just good for the soul.

  1. “Mommy, when I get older, I am going to have a wife, but I’m going to make her sleep in a different room because I am going to sleep with 50 blankets and won’t have room for her.” -Caden
  2. “Mommy got me ‘Sleeping Boobie.’ Mommy has ‘two boobies’ under her shirt.” -Evie
  3. “I not go to Caden’s school when I get big. I go to a pink school.” -Evie
  4. “Daddy got us ‘tinkies!’ No. Daddy got us ‘winkies!’ No. Daddy got us Twinkies!!!” -Evie
  5. “Mommy, do you sleep every chance you get?” -Caden
  6. “Mommy, I want the socks with the ‘poo-ka doots.'” -Evie’s version of “polka dots”
  7. While putting on his undies: “Sometimes my mouse just sneaks out of his house and tries to take a walk.” -Caden
  8. “Sometimes I look at kids at school and they have crusty things on their lips and on their eyes, but I don’t tell them how gross it looks.” -Caden
  9. Talking about heaven: “We gonna get new bodies when we get there!!!” -Evie
  10. Upon walking into the room and finding him with his eyes closed and breathing in and out: “Oh. Don’t mind me. I’m just breathing in and out and letting out my frustrations.” -Caden
  11. On Daddy’s birthday: “Happy Birthday to me and you and us!” -Evie
  12. “Mommy, I not say ‘butt.’ That’s not appropriate. Right? I not say ‘butt-butt!’ No saying ‘butt.’ Right?” -Evie
  13. Upon exiting the bathroom and standing in line at Piada in front of four men, standing ready to cook our food: “Mommy, my ‘pagina’ hurts sooooo bad.” Attempting to push it off, I respond, “You’re so excited to eat at Piada?!?!” Saying it even louder and grabbing herself: “NOOOO!!! I said, ‘My pagina hurts!!!” -Evie
  14. “Mommy, when you get kiss Daddy, my stomach hurts.” -Caden
  15. In the middle of family pictures: “I really hate pictures, so can I just get all my pictures first and be done with it?” -Caden
  16. “I get so tired of trying to come up with ideas for Evie to do when she just shoots them out of the sky.” -Caden
  17. “Mommy, that poopie looks like a bunch of turtles!” -Evie
  18. “Mommy, you don’t change in your room. You’re supposed to change in the bathroom near the toilet.” -Caden
  19. “Do I have to keep going to school for the rest of my life? Can’t I just skip to the last grade? This is exhausting!” -Caden
  20. “I don’t need you to wipe me. I just went poopie. It’s okay. I’m fine.” -Evie
  21. “Mommy!!!! Since I went to Kindergarten, I’m getting hair in weird places!” -Caden
  22. “I so frustrated!!! I don’t know any sight words!!!” -Evie
  23. “I wish I had never gotten an alarm for Christmas. It makes me so tired and scared!” -Caden
  24. “I don’t like when you wear glasses. You just look weird.” -Caden
  25. “How many times do I have to tell you, Evie?!?! It’s like you don’t even have ears to listen!” -Caden
  26. “Dear God, thank you that Mommy works so that we can eat.” -Caden
  27. After a run: “I am a righteous man! Hallelujah!!!”-Caden
  28. While in Target near the lingerie section: “Mommy!!! Look at the black boobies!!!” -Evie
  29. “Mommy, I have no clue what Daddy made for dinner last night. It was just weird but it tasted okay.”
  30. “Sometimes at night when I can’t sleep, I just pull up my shirt and make circles around my nipples.” -Caden
  31. “I could barely sleep last night in the tent because I was so worried about Evie needing to poop in the middle of the night.” -Caden




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