Not Your Super Bowl MOMents

We love to share our best and post our best. We love the perfect smiles, the perfect memories, and the perfect profile pics. We love the “good-looking” and the “nice-appearing.” We love sharing the good, the happy, and the Pinterest-esque. We love polished, put-together, and pretty. We love fun memories, and happy events, and sunny days. We just do. And though there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing the lovely and the like-able (I know I do), I guess I just wonder why we’re not as quick to post the other stuff. You know…the days and pictures and moments that are not so “Super Bowl Quality.”

Ya know…the moments that look more like ordinary and less like awesome. The moments that feel more like yuck and less like cool. The memories that sound more like awful and less like super.

Ya know those times? The times we DON’T wanna post?

Like yesterday? Like the day BEFORE the Super Bowl–a day (like many others) when I was hardly a “Super Bowl Mom?!?!”

Yes, that was the time when I lost my mind before dinner and flipped out on our son. That was the time when I yelled at the top of my lungs and screamed, “I AM TIRED OF YOU SCREAMING AT YOUR SISTER!!!” That was the time when I pointed my finger and kept going. That was the time when he cried, and I kept ranting. That was the time when I knew I was wrong and wasn’t right, and yet didn’t really care. That was the time when I let my anger rule and my frustrations reign. That was the time when I sounded and acted, and probably even looked, like a terrible-no-good-very-bad parent. That was the time yesterday that didn’t make the news feed.

It was HARDLY “Super Bowl Quality” (SBQ). 

And yet, I’m writing and posting about it today.


Because there are many, many, many days that do not look, sound, and feel like “SBQ.” Many, many, many days.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re tempted to want to run from those days,  to pretend that they don’t happen, and certainly (most CERTAINLY) not to post them to social media for others to see.

But if we’re acting and pretending like every day is “SBQ,” then we’re foolin’ ourselves and livin’ a narrative that just isn’t true. Because life just isn’t like that; it’s just not.

And though our feeds may look like it and though our walls might feign it, our lives are not a bunch of “SBQ” moments. 

Our lives are full of the messy and the minutia, the weak and the weary. They are full of the sick and the sore, the dark and the discouraging. They are full of the yuck and the “yugly,” the tired and the tested. Our lives are full of everyday moments where sin is present and perfect is pretend.

And though sin isn’t pretty and mistakes aren’t lovely, I feel like we do ourselves (and others) a dis-service when we try to photo-shop those moments, cropping and cutting to make our lives look like something they aren’t…like something we aren’t. Because the reality is, we’re busted and bruised people who make mistakes, fall down, and screw it up. The hard and fast reality is that we’re imperfect people living in imperfect places with other imperfect people making a bunch of imperfect choices in lots of imperfect (not “SBQ”) moments.

So what’s the beauty in that? Where’s the lovely in that? Why post about that?

Because it reminds us that our lives and our moments (good, hard, and bad) are all grace; grace when it’s “pretty,” and grace when it’s not. Grace when it’s “lovely,” and grace when it’s not. Grace when it’s “Super Bowl Quality,” and grace when it’s just a “fouled-up, flag-throwing, field goal-missing, fumble-happening, fourth-down” kind of day.

And though those aren’t always pretty to post, I think they are a beautiful reminder of our absolute and utter need for God-given grace…in ALL the moments.


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