Books, Books, Books: A February Give-Away

As long as I can remember, Valentine’s Day has been one of my favorite holidays! Not because of the “boy-buy-me-something” thing, or because of the immense amounts of chocolate, or because of the over-sized stuffed bears, but simply because there was a TON and TON of pink, and it was a sweet opportunity (in the middle of a cold season) to show a little love and spread a little warmth. LOVE the LOVE. Seriously, if Valentine’s Day could figure out a way to incorporate Doritos and Coke Zero’s as its THING (Thanksgiving has turkey; Christmas has cookies; St. Patrick’s Day has beer; Easter has Cadbury eggs…) it may rival Christmas time for me!

I really love it.

So, to celebrate this SWEET time of the month and in hopes of spreading a little LOVE, I am going to stay in the Valentine’s Lane for this give-away!

So what book am I giving away this month? 

I am giving away TWO copies of A Love Letter from God by P.L. Hallinan.

And why am I giving away this book? 

  1. It’s Valentine’s Day (I think we already covered that).
  2. It’s a children’s book, and those are just awesome.
  3. It’s a book that contains pink hearts throughout (though not overwhelming for the non-heart, non-pink lovers)!
  4. I love the heavy-duty’ness of the pages (great for kid-handling)!
  5. The illustrations are adorable and depict children of ALL colors (imagine that)!
  6. It focuses on the ONE who loved first.
  7. And it allows the heart to reflect on all the MANY ways that He loves us.

I guess that’s SEVEN reasons!

So what are a few of my favorite line(s) from these books? 

Once in a while,

a problem will come.

You may even fumble

or stumble on some.

But always be certain

I’ll take every wrong

and use it for good,

to help make you 


So how can you win a copy of this book? 

In the comment section below, share something you REALLY LOVE and on Saturday at 9PM (EST), I will select TWO winners!

Happy Love Month!


8 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: A February Give-Away

  1. I love your posts!! But in case you don’t believe me or that’s not good enough, I love peppermint mochas and quesadillas using left over taco meat (but not at the same time). 😉

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