Beautiful Love

Tonight, my kids made me some art love.

I scratch out the “art” part because…well…uh…ummm… I’m not really sure that the mess of glitter, glue, and over-sized sequin-diamonds was “art” (Okay, so maybe it could pass for “modern art.” Oops. Did I just type that out loud?!? Sorry. Not sorry. That splatter of paint with a price tag of $475 just doesn’t make sense to me). Ugh. My parenthetical statements digress…again.

But even if it wasn’t “art,” it was certainly and most definitely an expression of “LOVE.”

And ya know what?

It was beautiful and is beautiful because it was created in”love.”

I look at that puddle of dried glue, and I see my kids’ thoughtfulness.

I look at those strewn sequins, and I hear my kids’ excitement to surprise their mommy.

I look at that gaudy, purple glitter, and I feel my kids’ love.

I look at that expression of “love,” and I feel LOVE. 

I didn’t criticize their effort; I didn’t demean their attempt; and I most certainly didn’t question their love for me because of how that piece of “art” did or didn’t look.

I took one glance at that creation of love, and I thought, “My kids love me.”

And as I stood there looking down at that “love,” I couldn’t help but think about my Heavenly Father and how He views my “gifts and labors of love.”

When He sees my sometimes feeble attempts at loving others, does He frown from His throne above and think, “Really? That’s your idea of love?”

When He sees my sometimes awkward attempts at serving Him, does He roll His eyes from His place on high and think, “Are you kidding me? That’s all you got?”

When He sees my sometimes broken attempts at sharing the Gospel, does He scowl from His holy hill and think, “You can’t be serious. What was that?”

When He sees my sometimes backward attempts at worshiping, does He breathe exasperated sighs from His perfect palace and think, “Did you really mean to do it that way?”

When He sees my sometimes naive attempts at engaging the world with Truth, does He turn up his nose from His royal realm and think, “Well, she really screwed that up?”

I really and truly believe that He does NONE of those things, thinks NONE of those things, and feels NONE of those things. Not because He is never disappointed in us, and not because He has no expectations, and not because His standards for His children are non-existent. No.

I think he has NONE of those reactions because when our hearts are set on loving, serving, following, worshiping, and sharing Him, He sees the expression of our love and feels the expression of our love. He’s not unaware of our shortcomings or oblivious to our “less than awesome” gifts. No. He sees ALL those jagged edges and messy strokes and yet…He knows and sees and feels the LOVE.


Because if I, an imperfect parent, can look past the imperfect expressions of love from my children, how much MORE SO can a perfect Father see through the imperfect expressions of love from His children?

Because yes. Because Him. Because grace.

And if I believe His grace to be real and His love to be true, then I will love, serve, follow, worship, and share without fear, with trusting abandon…resting in the belief that my Father will see my expressions of “love” as exactly what they are. LOVE.

For You do not delight in sacrifice, otherwise I would give it; You are not pleased with burnt offering. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken heart and a contrite heart, O God, you will not despise. Psalm 51:16-17


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