Books, Books, Books: A January Give-Away

It’s a new year! And you know what that means?!?

New looks on the way…

New hooks to organize…

New brooks to explore…

New cooks in the kitchen…

No, no, no.

No looks, no hooks, no brooks, no cooks…BOOKS!!!

There are NEW BOOKS to read! 

And because there are new books to read and be read (don’t you love that I used “read” in the same sentence and though the spelligs are the same, the pronounciations differ?!? Go ahead, read again what you just read. HA! Did it again!), I must give away NEW books to read and be read.

I digress…always. No matter the year.

So what books am I giving away this month? 

I am giving away ONE copy of Flash by Rachel Anne Ridge and ONE copy of Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practces in Everyday Life by Tish Harrison Warren.

And why am I giving away these books? 

Three reasons.

One, I just read them. And two, I liked them both. And three, the content of the both of these books reinforced a very similar theme…a theme that I am rather fond of…the theme of thinking upon, reflecting upon, and writing upon the ordinary means that God uses to get our hearts’ attention in extraordinary ways.

So what are a few of my favorite line(s) from these books? 

“Flash in his own inimitable way, taught us how God interacts with His people. I found He uses the everyday parts of our lives to illuinate spiritual truths and to dra us close to Him. God’s voice is echoed in stoplights, thegrocery store runs, the walks in the park, and the chatter around the dinner table. He calls to us as we do the laundry and the dishes, balance checkbooks, and read bedtime stories. Do you hear Him? His hand is never far, and Hs Spirit hovers over us as we go about our daily lives.” –Flash

“If I am to spend my whole life being transformed by the good news of Jesus, I must learn how grand, sweeping truths–doctrine, theology, ecclesiology, Christology–run against the texture of an average day. How I spend this ordinary day in Christ is how I will spend my Christian life.” –Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life 

So how can you win ONE of these books? 

In the comment section below, share something “new” you want to try or do this coming year and on Wednesday at 9PM (EST), I will select TWO winners to enjoy ONE of these books!


5 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: A January Give-Away

  1. I want to try spending intentional alone time with each of my kids individually. It’s something I’ve always wanted/meant to do and this year it’s my goal!

  2. I want to find 3 new friends at church who I can pray for and spend time with. It’s easy to go and leave and not speak to anyone because I feel overwhelmed and busy with my kids.

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