Only Little Once: 30 Things

1. I’m gonna crawl up that rickety ladder into that bunk bed and read as many stories as your cozy heart can handle.

2. I’m gonna walk across to the opposite side of the grocery store to secure that “yittle, baby cart” for you to push from aisle to aisle, struttin’ yourself and buyin’ your things.

3. I’m gonna drop the dishes, the laundry, and push lunch to 2 PM, so we can make a snowman and have a snowball fight in the backyard.

4. I’m gonna put down my e-mail and run into the living room and have “another dance party” when your favorite song plays.

5. I’m gonna crawl around on my belly searching for safari animals, amoebas, and dangerous jaguars.

6. I’m gonna pretend to rescue stuffed animals from the top of fans, lamps, and refrigerators while putting out fires with our oxygen tanks and protective masks.

7. I’m gonna let you crack the eggs while we make another round of Christmas cookies and drop flour on the floor.

8. I’m gonna build a “marshmallow catapult” and launch marshmallows in the living room, knocking over the bad guys and destroying the cities.

9. I’m gonna take 15 minutes to secure those boots, hats, snow pants, and mittens for your less than 30 minutes of snow-play.

10. I’m gonna let you decorate and re-decorate, and then re-decorate and decorate the tree again.

11. I’m gonna search for that super-small “red piece” in your really, big Lego bin so that you can build that “really awesome ship.”

12. I’m gonna let you dig around the Recycling bin, securing milk cartons, Cheez-It boxes, and empty bottles, so you can start your own “Hardware Store.”

13. I’m gonna put that “pretty, pink princess dress” on you (again) so that you can match Mommy’s “work dress.”

14. I’m gonna re-read that flip and find book for the 100th time, pretending like I’m surprised and scared when I lift those flaps.

15. I’m gonna finish my work invoices with you on my lap, listening to you jabber about your “clients.”

16. I’m gonna make salt-dough ornaments and watch your paint all of three stripes of white paint down the middle of the snowman and then declare, “I’m all done.”

17. I’m gonna pull all the canned food and boxed items off our pantry shelf, so we can play “grocery store.”

18. I’m gonna sit at that dirty, nasty train table at the library and play “choo-choo” because you love it SO much.

19. I’m gonna put on your “sparkie shoes” and then take those off, and then put on your “brown boots” and then take those off, and then finally put on your “light shoes” before we head to the store.

20. I’m gonna let you use and then lose my tape, along with my scissors, my pens, my Post-It notes, and my scratch pads.

21. I’m gonna let you wear that crown to nap time, along with your magic chopstick- wand.

22. I’m gonna let you “wash” the dishes and spill water all over the kitchen floor.

23. I’m gonna cut cucumbers for your “sleeping reptiles” that are currently covered in paper-blankets all over your bedroom floor.

24. I’m gonna let you eat snow from the ground…and off the car…and on the light pole.

25. I’m gonna let you use my fancy tea cups for your “special tea party.”

26. I’m gonna let you floss my teeth (for realz) and put a spotlight in my mouth because no one wants to “pretend” to play dentist without flossers and floodlights.

27. I’m gonna let you brush my hair ears because you love to “make me pretty.”

28. I’m gonna let you keep your Barbie, and your boat, and your two rubber ducks, and your tea pot in the shower.

29. I’m gonna let you twist up the entire tube of lip balm because let’s be honest, that’s super fun.

30. I’m gonna crawl into your bed, wake you up, and hold you tight in the middle of the night.

I’m gonna do ALL those things and MORE.


Because you’re only gonna be little once. Only, ever ONCE. 


One thought on “Only Little Once: 30 Things

  1. So well written and thought out dear girl! You are going to be a hard act to follow for your Caden’s wife one day!!!! He will have to search hard to find a girl to love who resembles his mama….and that he will do. He will search for her and we will pray for her to step into his world and love her like you love Don. And then for Evie to find that man who resembles at all the love of her Daddy………..I love your parenting.

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