Books, Books, Books: A November Give-Away

It’s November 8th, 2016, the day we will elect the 44th President of the United States of America. And if there is one thing I am reminding myself, both today and all the other days that have brought us to this second Tuesday of November, it’s this:


We are electing a President, not El HaGadol (the Faithful God).

We are electing a President, not El HaShamayim (the God of the Heavens).

We are electing a President, not El Emet (theGod of Truth).

We are electing a President, not El Yeshuati (the God of my Salvation).

We are electing a President, not El Olam (the God of Eternity).

We are voting for a President, not a King and certainly not a Savior.

And when I read the words of this sweet book (a book that will be wrapped under the Christmas tree this year), I couldn’t help but remember that the one we REALLY serve is both a Good Good Father and a perfect, loving King. Which is EXACTLY why I don’t have to fret about tonight’s results or worry about January’s swearing-in.

So what book am I giving away this month? 

I am giving away TWO copies of Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett.

And why am I giving away this book? 

Two reasons.

I am giving this book away (on the day of the 2016 Presidential election) because I think it’s important to remember that no matter the electoral votes, or the candidate outcome, or what happens in the Senate or the House, our Father is still a good, good father.

And two, I like Chris Tomlin; and I like this #1 hit song; and I like these sweet and happy illustrations that go along with this sweet and happy story.

Okay, so maybe that was more like four reasons. Oh well! I like it, and I want a couple of you to have it.

So what are a few of my favorite line(s) from this book? 

A Good Good Father protects you.

A Good Good Father teaches you.

A Good Good Father makes you feel better.

A Good Good Father gives you what you need

A Good Good Father fills life with music and laughter.

And most of all,

A Good Good Father loves you!

So how can you win this book? 

In the comment section below, share a way that God has been a Good Good Father to you and on Wednesday at 4PM (EST), I will randomly select TWO winners to enjoy this book!

Happy Election Day and Happy “Remembering that He is GOOD, no matter who is elected” Day!  


8 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: A November Give-Away

  1. He is a good good Father because he looks at me and sees me as pure and holy because of Jesus and His never ending grace! And I love to hear my two year old doing this song!!

  2. He is so good to us, all of the time. He recently went out of His way to show me that my fear of Tidus’s safety was unnecessary, He is going before my kids and has their little lives in His hands, even when I fell helpless to save them.

  3. Wow, I need this reminder today! I am so thankful that this world is not our home, and that, no matter what the outcome of this election, God is still GOD! He has been good to us by providing for us financially recently as things have been pretty tight. He is so good.

  4. LOVED reading your responses!!! Much love to you ladies as you continue to serve and love our Good, Good Father in your parts of the world! The winners this time were Rebecca and Krysanna!!!

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