Life’s Too Short to Stuff the Sparkles

Evie-girl, if there is one thing you’re teaching your mama (that life hasn’t and others apparently couldn’t) it’s this:

Life’s just TOO SHORT to save the BIG STUFF for the BIG MOMENTS. 

See…over the past few months, I’ve caught myself doing something that my Type A personality is not too thrilled to announce to all the Type B personalities out there…like the kinda thing that many of you (probably even some Type A’ers) would probably never, EVER think of doing. Like the kind of thing that all you older mamas and grandmas and aunts of tweens will probably GASP at when I finally divulge. Like the kind of thing I don’t want to do…ANYMORE…like NEVER AGAIN.


Like I’ve found myself keeping all your pretty-frilly dresses and fancy-schmancy clothes all stuffed up and hung up in your little-tiny closet because it’s “not Sunday” or “not time” or “not for today” or “not-whatever-dumb-sad-Type A-excuse-I-can-conjure-up.”

Like that.

Ai yi yi…the therapeutic moment of confession was GOOD. It’s out, friends! IT. IS. OUT.

Evie, I’m sorry. Genuinely, not even kidding, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that for three’ish months I’ve been giving you lame excuses about wearing dresses on Thursday mornings…about wearing Christmas dresses to the grocery store…about donning yourself in lace and tulle in the middle of September…about rockin’ your spinny-dresses at dinner…about wearing your over-sized tutus to the park…about wearing your brand-spankin’ new dress to a friend dinner before wearing it to a wedding. I AM SORRY.

And yet… I’m oh-so-thankful that I realized it NOW. That I realized it before you missed a bunch of other opportunities to live the LITTLE MOMENTS with the BIG STUFF.


Because life’s just TOO SHORT to save the BIG STUFF for the BIG MOMENTS. 


Because a majority of life isn’t lived in the big moments. NOPE. Life seems to be lived in a bazillion-trillion, small moments that are absolutely SPARKLE-WORTHY-ENOUGH…even if it’s on Tuesday morning in the middle of our brick cape-cod. 



And if God forbid, your little life was cut short, I don’t want to open up a closet full of beautiful-beaded dresses that were worn twice or never at all.


I want to open up a closet of beautifully-beaten up clothes that were worn and enjoyed by your precious soul.

THAT is what I REALLY want. 

And as I learn to take a play from Elsa’s book and LET IT GO, I want to let some other things GO.

I want to burn the big, beautiful candle NOW (on Monday afternoon) WITHOUT any company arriving for dinner and dessert.

I want to set the table ALL FANCY and SUPER SPECIAL (on a Tuesday evening) WITHOUT it being Ester, Thanksgiving, or Christmas day.

I want to curl my hair (on a Wednesday afternoon) WITHOUT a reason.

I want to open that bottle of yummy olive oil (on a Thursday evening) WITHOUT needing an audience enjoying appetizers at our dining room table.

I want to wear those “dangly-too big-for-my-small-ears” earrings (on a Friday play date) WITHOUT needing to plan a hot date with your daddy.

I want to cook that 3-hour dessert for our spontaneous, family picnic (on a Saturday afternoon) WITHOUT needing family and friends to enjoy it with us.

I want to whip out those sparkly pumps (on a Sunday morning) WITHOUT needing some RSVP event to make it happen.


Because I want to have LOTS OF MEMORIES of DOING EVERYDAY LIFE using…wearing…and doing the BIG, SPARKLY, FANCY, OVER-THE-TOP STUFF! 


Because life’s too short and too special to NOT.

And… I don’t want a house full of un-opened, un-used, never-worn, barely-touched THINGS.



Your ever-evolving,








4 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short to Stuff the Sparkles

  1. Amen to this Jessica. Use all the stuff! I even use my grandmothers and mother’s silver for things like holding Q-tips, soap, etc. wear the sparkles anytime you want! Moments are fleeting! I love what you wrote❣❤️

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