6 Things I Want You to Remember for ALL Your “Firsts”

Sweet Boy,

As you start your very first day of Kindergarten, I have went round and round in my mind as to what I want to write–what I want to document and what I want you to remember about your very first day.

Sure, I want you to know and remember that your daddy woke you up with the Lego movie soundtrack, “Everything is Awesome,” blaring from his cell phone into your bunk bed… and that you didn’t move an inch as the music blared…and that you ate a big breakfast of eggs, toast, strawberries and grapes (your very favorite)…and that you wore blue from head to toe, including your underwear… and that you questioned why school had to start so early…and that your dad cried before your mom did (huge emotional win for your mom), and that you had an over-sized red book bag that “hits my bum”…and that you wanted to be sure to get a picture with your sister on our front porch…and that you grabbed for both your daddy’s hand and your mommy’s hand as you walked into that little building…and that the school bell rang as we were walking into the building and about made your mom pee her pants…and that Mrs. Hahn was standing at the door with a clipboard, a blue dress, and glasses…and that you walked into that classroom with your eyes forward and your eyes dry…and that your mom sobbed the entire sidewalk home while your sister told your dad, “Mommy still crying”…and that when your mommy got home, she went to your room, grabbed your blankie, and cry-prayed over your very first day.

Yes. I want you to know ALL THESE THINGS.

But more than all those sweet moments and quick memories in time, I want to share some TRUTHS with you that I hope you will embrace for years and years to come as you embark on many other “FIRST DAYS.”

These are the TRUTHS that are providing your mama sweet comfort, deep peace, and even great joy as I look out our living room window and see that little brick building–the one that holds your very first day of school.

I want you to know that…

1.God Always Was and Always Will Be

No first day of anything will ever change who God is and who He will continue to be. He was before time; He created time; and He holds time. There is nothing that has ever been before Him, and there is no “first time” that He hasn’t known about before the beginning of time. And that same God that always was and always will be? Well, He’s going to continue to be the VERY SAME God even when everything else is new and changing around you.

2. God is All-Powerful

The same God that created and started the clocks of time is the VERY SAME God that created the moon, the stars, the ocean, and the rhinos. And how did He do it? He did it with His all-powerful WORDS. He spoke it, and it was. He took NOTHING and made EVERYTHING. Yes, that is the God that walks with you today and every other “first day.” He is the God who CAN, the God who WILL, and the God who DOES. He is the one who goes before you and does all the things that you doubt you can–the one who walks before you–clearing the path and making a way for your good and for His glory.

3. God is in Control

The VERY SAME God that created the whole world with uttered words is also the same God who keeps it all-together. He is the one who hung the stars and keeps them hanging; He is the one who made the ocean depths and keeps them at bay; and He is the one who gave you breath and keeps you breathing. He is the one who maintains control of all that He made and of all that He allows. There is nothing that is going to be outside His ability, nothing that is going to overtake Him or overwhelm Him. He is the one who goes before you, controlling all the things you can’t control in every area of your very “first days.”

4. God Knows All Things

And just like He controls all things, He is also the VERY SAME God that knows all things. There is nothing in your days of “firsts” that will take Him by surprise, catch Him off-guard, or shock His heavenly socks. He knows what awaits you; He knows what you will need; and He knows how to provide for the needs that await you. He knows who your friends will be, what your struggles will be, and what you will need Him to be. As you walk through many more “firsts,” know that He knows.

5. God is Everywhere

And this VERY SAME God that knows all things, controls all things, and does all things is also the one who is everywhere at all times. He is in your heart; He is in your classroom; and He’s in your home with everyone else that isn’t with you. He goes WITH you, holding your hand, steadying your heart, and readying your mind for all the things that are before you. He doesn’t ever, EVER leave you and even if you tried…you couldn’t ever, EVER leave Him. He sees your new, and He sees your needs because there is NO WHERE where His eyes cannot see and where His presence will not be.

6. God is Perfect

This VERY SAME God that is everywhere at all times, maintaining and controlling all that He made and all that He loves…He is perfect and makes no mistakes. These “firsts” may not always feel like the best to YOU, but there is no mistaking that God knew from the very beginning of time that you would HERE–in this place and with these people. There is nothing that He cannot make beautiful and good, and there is nothing that can falter or fail because He is perfectly GOOD…perfectly FOR YOU.

THAT (ALL of THAT), is what I want you, our dear Caden Paul, to ALWAYS remember and ALWAYS recall…no matter what the “firsts” shall be.


Your Mama



2 thoughts on “6 Things I Want You to Remember for ALL Your “Firsts”

  1. Jessica dear……….Caden and Evie are beyond blessed to have you for their mom. You are giving such sage advice and wisdom from on high….I can only imagine angel wings surrounding this young soul as he steps into his first days of school. Hang in there, Mama. He will surprise you over the years and amaze you because of the godly advice, encouragement and direction you pour out on him and Evie and this next one!!!!

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