Books, Books, Books: A Christmas in July Give-Away

Guys, guess what?!?!

It’s the 25th of July!!!

And you know what that means, right?!?!

It means it’s the time of year when you’re dripping wildly with sweat and you fondly think (for just a quick, cold minute) of snowflakes, sleet, and slushy roads filled with snow, and ice, and all things BRRRRR!

It means it’s the time of year when you realize that Wal-Mart is only 6 weeks away from stuffing their shelves with trains, trees, trappings, and tins of crappy chocolates!

It means it’s the time of year when I give away not just one, but…TWO books in ONE month!

It means it’s CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!

So what is the second book I am giving away this month? 

I am giving away one copy of The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New by Marty Machowski.

And why am I giving away this book? 

One…because I honestly have to say (with absolutely NO exaggeration–not even a little), “It’s the VERY BEST comprehensive, Christian, children’s book I have EVER, EVER, EVER laid my hands on… EVER.” And if I could afford to give away more than just one copy of this book, I would gift it to EVERY SINGLE SOUL in EVERY SPHERE OF MY LIFE!


Two…because I think we (including our children, yes…our wee ones) need to understand THEOLOGY–its importance, its implications, and its influence in our daily lives. THEOLOGY MATTERS! And not because it saves us, and not because it makes us special, and not because it makes us sound wise, but because it gives us a framework to help us make sense of our past, our present, and our future…giving us HOPE for a KINGDOM to come!

And Three…the illustrations are just lovely…absolutely captivating!!!

So what are a few of my favorite line(s) from this book? 

I can’t even begin to pick because there are 257 pages (no joke), so I will just outline the chapters presented in this beautiful book!

The Ology of God, The Ology of People, The Ology of Sin, The Ology of the Promise and teh Law, The Ology of Christ, The Ology of the Holy Spirit, The Ology of Adoption, The Ology of Change, The Ology of the Church, The Ology of the End Times, and The Ology of God’s Word.


So how can you win this book? 

In the comment section below, share something that SPEAKS OF GOD’S GOODNESS and SHOUTS OF HIS GREATNESS, and on Tuesday at 9PM (EST), I will randomly select ONE winner to enjoy this book!

Merry July!



13 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: A Christmas in July Give-Away

  1. Oh I was hoping you’d review this! I just heard of it recently, but didn’t know much about it, but knew I could trust your feedback 🙂

    We were reminded of His goodness, greatness and love this weekend when the fellowship we spoke at was full of people we didn’t know, but who enthusiastically hugged us and told us they’d been praying for us and the people we work with. That just amazed and humbled and blessed me!

  2. I was reminded this morning that no matter life’s circumstances, He is good. It’s so hard for me to trust Him sometimes (even for our very basic needs) but time and time again He proves Himself Faithful and I have no reason to doubt!

  3. Ohh I love me some theology! And so do my kids – they ask such good questions that I think this book they would just love!

    God has walked us through these past two dark years and we couldn’t have done it without him. His faithfulness in the midst of betrayal and abandonment and brokenness was our only source of Hope through it all, and is a time in our lives we will always remember HIS strength, HIS love, HIS light, and his presence. We cannot thank him enough!

  4. I was reminded of God’s goodness and greatness recently when we walked through losing a baby. God makes everything work for His greater good and I felt this and saw this throughout this difficult time. God is good!

  5. I’m am just utterly amazed that I am in Michigan…a dream I have wanted since Cedarville. I had finally settled on being happy in Ohio…and then this gift arrived in the form of Nate losing his job. Really, God is crazy good!!!!

  6. Getting a phone call from my niece (and goddaughter) who is 5, telling Joe and I that she had accepted the Jesus as her Savior!! 🙂

  7. I am reminded of the goodness of God when He places people in my children’s lives that encourage them on a spiritual level different than what I can.

  8. My husband is my every day reminder of God’s goodness and greatness. God works through him and loves me in ways I never would have believed. I’m beyond blessed. – Meridith

  9. When my kids break out into praise songs…including my 20 month old who often walks (hmm no, dances) around the house singing, “Christ. Is. Enough for me”

  10. This may sound strange, but the beauty of aging. I recently listened to a podcast with a woman who has an incredible testimony of serving a brain stem stroke, and she spoke of the beauty of aging- her jubilant response was that it means we’re still here! Having walked through my own health difficulties I don’t want to forget that every day we get to live shouts His goodness and greatness to us!

  11. I love your book recommendations! Our church has a biblical counseling ministry and uses or encourages all of these resources!!! I am loving and being challenged by “Awe.” Thank you!!!!

  12. Always, ALWAYS love reading about the ways you lovely souls see and find the goodness and greatness of God! You women are such beautiful creations! Oh, and the randomly-chosen winner this month is…ALLIE!!!

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