You Got Me, Mommy?

Without hesitation, I watched her bravely crawl to the platform and take a confident step.

From where I was, it didn’t seem as if she was weighing the cons, counting the costs, or even contemplating the potential consequences of her choice.

She was on it, and she was going for it.

Suspended at least 3 feet from the ground, our girl was navigating the playground’s, brown metal beam with no fear beneath her feet.

One foot in front of the other, I watched her gingerly walk.

Knowing that I was just a reach away (but knowing that the reach was probably not close enough), I quietly shuffled a little closer.

Step, step…wobble…step…wobble, wobble…

“Mommy? Mommy?”

Calling out with concern in her voice, I watched our girl look to the ground and then frantically scan the park for her mama’s arms.

Coming from behind, I wrapped my arms around her little waist and gave her a tight squeeze.

“Go ahead, sweet girl; you’ve got this,” I encouraged from the side.

With pause to her step, she began again. But within a half step, she was doubting again.

Our girl had been so brave, so confident, but when she got that taste of walking in the air and wobbling above the ground…she was scared.

Looking at me with a set of frightened eyes, she locked her eyes on mine. Refusing to give up and resisting the urge to cry, she grabbed my arm and asked (not once but twice)…

“You got me, Mommy? You got me, Mommy?” 

My eyes filled with tears as her question filled my ears.

Nodding my head, I tightened my hold.

And as she continued to walk that brown beam, my heart was reminded of just how many times (as of recent) that I’ve been asking the Lord the very same question.

“You got us, God? You got us, God?” 

I can’t share a ton of details now (someday I will; I promise I’m not just vague-blogging), but suffice to say we’ve recently climbed a platform and taken a step that initially felt really sure-footed and good.

Confident in our choice and ready to walk in faith, we laid aside the fears that so easily ensnare a soul and stifle obedience, and we started walking.

With one foot in front of the other, we have been walking.

Looking ahead and moving forward, we have been walking.

Excited for the journey and anticipating the future, we have been walking.

But then, all of a sudden, things started feeling a little wobbly, a little shaky, and a little less sure. Concerned, we began counting the costs and adding up the cons. And before we knew it, the walk of faith didn’t feel like such a smart idea anymore.

Looking to the “ground below,” we became fearful of the fall and worried about the hard.

“You got us, God? You got us, God?” 

And in a way that only He can, He has wrapped His loving arms around our hearts and tightened His grip. Reassuring our souls, reinforcing His plan, and reminding us of His presence, He has encouraged us to KEEP WALKING.

Do we know how long this walk is going to be? No.

Do we know how hard this walk is going to be? No.

Do we know how this walk is going to end? No.

Do we know how faith-growing this walk is going to be? No.


We DO know that there is ONE who walks by our sides and goes before us, leading us each and every step of the way. And we can believe that He is good, and that He is love, and that He is powerful, and that He is enough, and that He is FOR US. 

As our girl took her last step off that beam, she turned around and exclaimed, “I did it, Mommy! I did it!”

And as she claimed those words and basked in her bravery, I couldn’t help but think that if and when we cross over that last step of our “beam,” we will turn and exclaim with different words, “He did it! He did it!”




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