Books, Books, Books: A July Give-Away

Red, White, and BOOM!!!

Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

I’ll keep this short and sweet because let’s be honest… who wants to read or write a long blog post on a holiday weekend when you could be busy waving a flag, eating potato salad and blowing off your arms  lighting explosives?!? Not this girl and probably not you!

So, since everyone has probably stood in AWE of a fireworks display (Oooo, ahhhh, wowEEE), at least once in their 4th of July lives, let’s give away a book this month that focuses our hearts and attention toward the  AWE that you, and I, and the whole world need to marvel at–the glory and grandeur of God’s daily display of HIMSELF!

So what book am I giving away this month? 

I am giving away two copies of Awe: Why It Matters for Everything We Think, Say, and Do by Paul David Tripp.

And why am I giving away this book? 


Because I like it, and because it’s been convicting, and because maybe you’ll like it and find it convicting, too!

Oh, and because I’m kind of a big fan of authors who happen to also be counselors and Christians; I think that’s a pretty great trio!

So what are a few of my favorite line(s) from this book? 

“As it is true of a street sign, so it is true of every jaw-dropping, knee-weakening, silence-producing, wonder-inspiring thing in the universe. The sign is not the thing you are looking for. No, the sign points you to what you are looking for. So you can’t stop at that sign, for it will never deliver what the thing it is pointing to will deliver. Created awe has a purpose; it is meant to point you to the place where awe of your heart should rest. If awesome things in [this world] become your god, the God who created those things will not own your awe.”

So how can you win this book? 

In the comment section below, share a recent moment where you stood in AWE of one of God’s “firework displays” in your life and on Tuesday at 9PM (EST), I will randomly select TWO winners to enjoy this book!

Go FOURTH and read!


7 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: A July Give-Away

  1. Sounds like a great book to read. I would love to find it somewhere or maybe I could win it 😊😘😃!!!

  2. When Eden was born last weekend and I felt the space in my heart grow for yet another child. Only God could create that kind of space in a heart already full of so many competing loves!

  3. My husband and I were recently able to go back to some familiar places from our past. As we drove and remembered my heart was overwhelmed by the Lord’s faithfulness to us through it all!

  4. My mission field is my family. While my husband accepted Jesus Christ the night before leaving for jump school at 17 (and who wouldn’t want to try to keep their soul safe before plummeting to earth from an airplane). Subsequent years spent in the sciences and bad experiences with the flawed Christian church on Earth has left him in doubt of this faith. His daughters are raised by a self proclaimed atheist. My heart anguishes for their souls, that they would each learn of the love of Christ, the reality of our Lord, and His ultimate sacrifice for our lives. I am constantly in AWE of the moments God grants me to talk to my step daughters. We only have them twice a month, but it never fails that the girls (14 and 12) and I get to stay up one night, and somehow, the conversation always ends up on religion, or we will walk home from the pool and there is the topic again, out of the blue. I can hardly think of one weekend where I haven’t shared bits and pieces of the gospel with them. I have to speak carefully as their mother is a hostile atheist and sees anything I do and say as evil. She has threatened to not allow the girls to visit us (which legally she can not do) but it does make it very difficult on my husband. So I have been planting 100’s of tiny seeds hoping that one will take root and grow. It amazes me how God opens the doors in seemingly dark situations and allows us to start revealing his light. My greatest moment of Awe and joy will come when I have the surety that one day all of us will be together in heaven for all of eternity. You have no idea the depth or grief that is in my heart knowing that today that would not be the case. I have faith that God will bring us there, and I can not wait to rejoice in the day! But for now I will stand in the moments of awe I never thought would exist to share His gospel with my family.

  5. Two years ago, we decided to start saving for some updates in our kitchen, planning to do the project in 3-5 years. My hubby checked out books from the library on how to do a kitchen on a budget. That very week at church, we were told that someone would like to give us brand new kitchen cabinets and were we interested? WHAT?!? We looked over our finances and we unsure if we could still do a remodel since we had not saved enough yet. Long story short, we were also given brand new granite counter tops and stainless steel sink. Our kitchen is seriously beautiful. Every time, I sit in it, I am in awe of God’s complete grace and completely humbled. God always provides for all of our needs, but we didn’t even NEED a kitchen. He just gave it to us, and it was certainly not given to us because of something we did.

  6. Thank you for sharing your AWE moments–found myself encouraged and reminded of the “bigness” of our God and of His sweet kindness! The randomly generated and selected winners this month are Jackie and Joy!

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