And Yet

You’ve given me stretch marks and widened my hips;

you’ve altered my sleep and increased my concealer use;

you’ve boosted my caffeine intake and decreased my capacity;

you’ve taken over my space and stained my carpets;

you’ve tested my patience and shown me my breaking point;

you’ve revealed my sin and uncovered my selfishness;

you’ve ruined my clothes and scratched my furniture;

you’ve cluttered my counters and expanded my budget;

you’ve exposed my weaknesses and modified my friendships;

you’ve crowded my closet space and grown my chores;

you’ve redefined my priorities and highlighted my values;

you’ve transformed my marriage and shuffled my schedule;

you’ve reformed my expectations and revised my plans;

you’ve reshaped my thoughts and renovated my feelings;

you’ve added to my busyness and taken away my quiet;

you’ve rearranged my career and affected my conversation;

you’ve crumbled my control and reduced my energy;

you’ve affected my eye twitch and heightened my anxiety;

you’ve enlarged my dependency and shortened my days;

and YET…

I’m forever, EVER thankful for your lives and the ways they’ve changed mine.



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