Books, Books, Books: A June Give-Away!

Have you ever been given a book, from someone you love, that makes that book ALL THE MORE special?

A book given in love and gifted in thoughtfulness?

A book that you treasure not just because the content is great, and the writing is lovely, and the cover is enticing, but because the giver is someone who took the time to love you THROUGH this book?

Well, this month’s give-away is THAT kind of book!

An absolute surprise of a gift, my brother (who also loves all things books, and reading, and theology, and Jesus) gifted this book to me for Mother’s Day, and I have absolutely devoured it!

And because I loved it, and because I love him, I wanted to love a few other people with this book!

So what book am I giving away this month? 

I am giving away three copies of Missional Motherhood: The Everyday Ministry of Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God by Gloria Furman.

And why am I giving away this book? 

One reason and one reason only.

As moms, it’s really easy to get caught up in the day-to-day living and loving of our children that we forget, neglect, and get side-tracked from the HOLY WHO…the one who not only informs our mission as followers of Jesus, but also fuels our mission as mothers. This book does a beautiful job of reminding us of WHOSE we are, of WHOSE story we are in,  and of WHOSE mission we are truly fulfilling in the everyday journey of mothering.

It’s good, friends; it’s REAL good.

So what are a few of my favorite line(s) from this book? 

“The gospel is the good news of missional motherhood. No other news can compare. No health craze, no safety tips, no school curricula, no positive pregnancy test, no social club, no bargain purchase, and no ministry leader can deliver you from the gravest problem you have–your sin. Jesus Christ is the end of righteousness for all moms who believe, and His person and work is also the message we communicate.”

“The missional vision of motherhood helps correct our nearsighted mothering. It propels us to bank on the cruciform victory of Jesus and look forward to receiving future grace because of what He did.”


So how can you win this book? 

In the comment section below, share a way where you have recently received God’s grace in the midst of your mothering and on Saturday at 9PM (EST), I will randomly select THREE winners to enjoy this book!

Happy June!!!


10 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: A June Give-Away!

  1. God has been so gracious in blessing us with healthy children. There was a time when my second son was really really sick and every time I see pictures from that time and am reminded of that time, I am thankful for His grace in the midst of that time and His grace in sparing us from the same experience with our current baby.

  2. Well, I’ve been struggling a lot recently will boiling anger towards Flint. I’m not normally a quick to anger person, so the past month I have been WEARY! I’ve been trying to memorize James, and it punches me the heart. “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger, for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” That made me seriously question if Jame’s ever had toddlers…and just flooded me with guilt, since my number one feeling/reaction for the month of May has been anger and I have been very quick to react with it.
    Yesterday I started reading Parenting Your Powerful Child, by Kevin Leman, and I’m hopeful that God will use it, along with his word, to help transform my heart into his. It feels so icky to be so angry at such stupid little things and at such a sweet little boy. I hate it and it completely wipes me out. So I look to God in expectation of transformation and of his new grace every day that I don’t deserve. Cause heaven knows there are plenty of times (every day) that I deserve to be yelled at, “Just obey! It’s not that hard! Don’t you realize I have what’s best for you in mind?!”

  3. This book was another one on my list of things to read! Glad to hear it’s as good as it sounded in the description!
    So last week was rough for our family. Both kids were sick which led to both kids getting ear infections…yuck. But graciously it was also the first week my husband had off work for summer break so I had extra help at home. God is definitely in the details of our lives!

  4. I appreciate this question–I don’t stop often enough to ponder these things and give the due praise to Jesus!

    I’ve felt so ‘beat up’ lately in my role as mommy. Things that I have never wanted to do–like quickly getting angry with my kids, yelling at them, refusing to swallow my pride and ask their forgiveness–just seem like they’ve been pouring out every day. It grieves me. And in the midst of my brokenness, He reminds me that his mercies are new every morning. I am just like my kids…continually disobeying Him and messing up, and there He is…picking me up when I fall flat on my face and graciously loving me through all of my many uglies. I’m so thankful.

  5. Before our big move, I was pretty nervous about how Ian was going to do with everything- change has always been hard for him. God has been so good. Ian has transitioned so well (probably better than myself!) and he has been so excited about everything- our new house and his new room, etc. In addition, he has FINALLY started to love on his little brother- he is so loving towards everyone else, but has struggled to love on our Little E (hugs, kisses, etc.) When did he FINALLY start to LOVE his brother?! When we moved. Only God.

  6. Last weekend when my parents were here, Grant was on his 9th day of not pooping, and I called my doc office for some suggestions (not wanting to actually bring him in,) and of course they wanted me to bring him in… and then they changed their minds and wanted me to bring him to the ER instead. I really did not want to do that (seemed way overboard since he wasn’t having any signs of an emergency,) so I was confused about what I should do. (another friend of mine with the same medical degree gave much more relaxed advice.) I was driving home from a quick errand while my parents were home with the kids, contemplating which medical person I should “obey,” not wanting to be the mom that was over reacting or under reacting… and then I got a text from my dad that said “Grant just had a huge mess! no appointment needed!” I was SO relieved and thankful for God’s grace in allowing the poop to come at the perfect time and I didn’t have to take Grant anywhere… and now he’s been going more regularly 🙂 And… I’m not even the one who had to change that dirty diaper 😉

  7. For a while now I have felt like I do motherhood alone and it can be overwhelming and lonely. I have missed having close mom friends to hang with during the day and do the parenting thing together with. I’ve shared my heart with my husband many times but as a man he just doesn’t understand what I’m saying and he can’t fill that gap either. But just recently, God has brought a young woman into it lives that is becoming a friend to me and my kids. It was so nice yesterday to have someone to grocery with and hang with all day to chat as I cleaned my house. God is good 🙂

  8. God was gracious in the people He provided to help us travel internationally this week. I was so sick, reminding me of my weakness and inability to do it alone, but what a blessing for my husband, helpful flight attendants, and patient fellow passengers, as well as the boys being such good travelers.
    PS – if you haven’t read any of her other books, you totally should check them out. Such blessings and challenges to me!

  9. This book has been on my radar, so I’m glad you thought it was a good read!

    When we visited a church on Sunday we didn’t realize there wouldn’t be anything for our older two kids and had t brought anything to help keep them busy, but they did so so well and the message was EXACTLY what I had needed to hear right then!

  10. Ladies, thanks for taking the time to share the ways you have seen and felt the grace of God in and through your parenting! God is SO good! And the winners for this month are Christy, Megan F, and Candace!

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