Crown Confusion

When she walked out of the room and into the kitchen, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Like out loud… and like super big…and like in her face, my giggles came tumbling out. Try as I might (but maybe not as hard as I should’ve or could’ve), I couldn’t contain and suppress them; I just couldn’t. The giggles were TOO many.

It all was just too funny, and too cute, and too priceless.

Standing there, as serious as ever, she stood with her princess crown donned on the top of her head forehead. 

Upside down, with jewels hanging above her eyebrows, she exclaimed, “I so pretty, Mama! I a princess!!”

“Oh, Evie-girl, you’ve got your crown on upside-down! Let mama help you fix it!”

“No, mama. Stop it. I wear my crown.”

After a few more attempts of trying to correct the rainbow tiara, I gave up on the plastic, princess wear and said, “You do you, Evie!”

Marching around the house with arms lined with 13 bracelets, a talking purse, and a naked baby in tow, she worked that crown with the right-side down!

And as I watched her confidently strut the house in all of her princess glory, I couldn’t help but think that I, too, often wear my treasure “wrong.” 

Unaware and unconcerned, I wear my crown in a way that wasn’t intended.

See, I (too) have been given a treasure–a crown of royalty–donned with diamonds of grace and lined with pearls of mercy.

Sitting at the top of my person, identifying me as one of His co-heirs and one of His forever daughters, I wear the crown of SALVATION–a treasure so rich and so valuable, bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

And though I realize it’s special and though I realize it’s to be worn, sometimes I, too, get caught wearing the diamonds DOWN.

In fact, my heavenly father (the ONE who purchased, gave, and bestowed my crown) had to ever-so graciously remind me of my own “crown etiquette issues.”

As I stood in the kitchen watching my princess wear her “pretties” down, I heard His whisper and felt His conviction.

Ya know, Jessica, you’ve been wearing your crown a little upside-down this week, too. You know that situation involving ____ and regarding ____?

You do  remember that this crown of SALVATION was a GIFT of GRACE, right?

You do remember that there is nothing you did to EARN this crown, right?

You do remember that you’re ‘good enough’ will NEVER be ‘good enough,’ right?

So why are you trying so hard to BE ENOUGH? 

This is MY crown, and MY righteousness…and your good works, and good deeds, and good plans (though I am honored by them) won’t, can’t, and didn’t SECURE this crown; they are simply a result of WEARING this crown. 

This crown is one of GRACE, extended through mercy and bought with MY sacrifice, so why are you wearing it upside-down, as if YOU bought it?

Never, not even for a little bit, did I ever intend for the jewels to be facing down toward you; those jewels are supposed to be right-side up…facing toward ME, pointing toward ME and MY good work. 

This crown of SALVATION, this tiara of GRACE, truly looks and functions best when it’s worn in its intended way. 

As I stood at the counter chopping cilantro, peeling cucumber, and feeling the Truth of His prodding, I smiled and thanked Him for ALL the ways and ALL the things (even .99 crowns) that He uses to grab my attention and refocus my heart toward HIS crown, the one that HE has graciously bestowed on my needy head.

You will also be a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD, And a royal diadem in the hand of your God. Isaiah 62:3



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