It’s Hard to Love You

It’s hard to love you through…

your angry and your attitudes,

your back-talking and your burdens,

your cranky and your contempt,

your demanding and your defiance,

your exaggeration and your explosions,

your fears and your forgetfulness,

your grumpy and your gross,

your hungry and your hot,

your inconsiderate and your inconsistency,

your  jealousy and your junk,

your know-it-all moments and your white-knuckled pride,

your loud and your lousy,

your mean and your mess,

your nagging and your nosy,

your objections and your oblivion,

your panic and your problems,

your quick temper and your quirks,

your rude and your rebellion,

your sass and your selfish,

your tantrums and your tattling,

your ungrateful and your unpredictable,

your vandalism and your vehemence,

your whining and your wailing

your x-tra drama and your x-tra needs,

your yelping and your yelling,

your zealous and your zero.

Bottom line, A-Z…it’s hard to love you on my own and with my own; it’s hard to love without grace and without Him.

So today, as I experience the A-Z of YOU and as I parent with the A-Z of ME…

I will call upon the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, to help me love and parent you with ALL OF HIM, with ALL OF GRACE.



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