Books, Books, Books: An April Give-Away

April Confession (no joke): I don’t like to read in the presence of other people.


Because almost every other page I turn (yes, it’s that obsessive and that compulsory), I’m bringing the pages to my nose and inhaling deeply.


The “book-smell.”

And though I think this is perfectly normal and acceptable reading behavior, I don’t believe that others feel the same. And THAT is precisely why I prefer to read alone.

Seriously, not only would I be able to read in community if I dropped this compulsory book-smelling behavior but chances are, I could probably read a WHOLE LOT faster if I spent more time reading and less time sniffing. No joke–the smell is both intoxicating and distracting! In fact, since starting this blog post, I have probably smelled the pages of the book I’m giving away about…well…four six times!

insert: (book-smelling sigh)

I cannot EVEN imagine what I would do if YANKEE started selling a “book” candle. OH.MY.HEAVENS! I feel giddy just thinking about that wax possibility! Get rid of the Fresh Linen, Salted Mocha, and Cranberry Chutney, and give me some good ‘ol Book Bliss!

YANKEE would have a very, VERY happy sniffer in their stores.

I really have no clue when I first started engaging in this book-smelling behavior, but I seriously can’t remember a time when I haven’t “book-smelled.” In fact, I can even remember sitting at my grade-school desk trying to inconspicuously sniff the pages of Where the Red Fern Grows when a classmate caught me, giving me a strange side-ways glance that communicated that this behavior was apparently “not normal.” I’m pretty sure I acted all “cool cat,” non-nonchalantly pretending to use the book to itch my nose (ya know…because everyone does THAT!!). From that day forward, I vowed to myself that I  needed to be more discreet with my book-smelling behavior and since I haven’t learned how to do that, I read alone!

Truly, I feel like half the experience of reading a book is enjoying the distinct smell of the book itself. I tried the KINDLE, I really did, but it fell short…terribly short. This reader sniffer needs a page.

I believe it’s entirely possible that at this point in the blog post, I’ve now lost a majority of my readers. In fact, the only ones who probably haven’t already scrolled to the bottom are the other “book sniffers.” RIGHT? Surely, I can’t be the only one!

Anyone want to start a BSA (Book Sniffer Anonymous)?!?!

Hi. My name is Jessica, and I…

Okay, enough already; I think I’ve lost my book-smelling self!!!

So what book am I giving away this month? 

I am giving away two copies of Little Pilgrim’s Progress: From John Bunyan’s Classic by Helen L. Taylor.

And why am I giving away this book? 

One reason.


It’s the very first “chapter book” that Caden and I will have ever read together and though we are only eight chapters in, I have this heart-hunch that it’s going to be a special treasure for this mama’s nostalgic, book-loving soul.

Oh, be still my soul and be calm my sniffer! 

So what are a few of my favorite line(s) from this book so far? 

“Listen to me. The King sent me to tell you about the Celestial City, and you had His promise that He would love you and watch over you. When you fell into the Slough, you know He sent Help to pull you out, and you have read in your Book that He will always take care of those who trust in Him. Why did you believe what Worldly said and turn away from the right path?”

So how can you win a copy of this book? 

In the comment section below, share a favorite childhood “chapter book”that you read and on Monday at 1 PM (EST), I will randomly select two winners to enjoy a copy of this delightful book. Oh, and if you feel so led to confess that you also have a book-smelling fetish…well, maybe I’ll enter your name twice! Just kidding!




8 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: An April Give-Away

  1. I became so tickled when I read about your book smelling/sniffing! You are not the Lone Book Smeller, I’m just as addicted/compulsive as you are Jessica’! I just started a little study last Tueday called Starting Point by Andy Stanley. I picked up the book , leafed through AND THEN I JUST HAD TO SMELL IT! My first real big girl chapter book was Little Women, that my parents gave me alone Christmas when I was 9. I gave it to my first granddaughter when she turned 9.

    As well, I have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I just wish I could smell them! Hehe. You are a cherish and so talented! Also, thank you for sending me A Praying Life!
    Dee Webb

  2. There is absolutely nothing better than the smell of a book! I even love sniffing those old, musty books!
    I think one of (the many) my all time favorite childhood books was “Where the Red Fern Grows.”
    Excellent blog! 🙂

  3. I love the feel and sound of turning pages, but I can’t say I’m a sniffer….but no judgment here! My favorite chapter book from my early reading days was the very first Boxcar Children book 🙂

  4. I have so many childhood favorites that its hard to narrow it down! I’m one of those people who enjoys do many books that my collection is a bit out of control! There was one called Someone to Count On that I especially enjoyed. My neighbor was always a reluctant reader in school and I leant it to her when she was in 8th grade. The fact that she loved it made me okay with not getting it back! 😉 I was glad to share the love of that book!

    Am I a book sniffer? Not really anymore, although I know exactly what you’re saying! I still can’t use my Kindle much because it’s just not the same. However, I’m a magazine sniffer, which is embarrassing to admit! I’m not talking perfume samples, but that fresh, new magazine smell!

  5. Let’s take the candle idea one step further and make it a bookstore smell!!! Ahhhhh……

    My favorite is still Island of the Blue Dolphins. There are so many I’ve enjoyed and read repeatedly… but there’s something inspiring and captivating about that story!

  6. Oh, I love you! You crack me up!
    Children’s chapter books are my favorite! They make me giddy, and I got lost in them with my 4th graders. We had a party whenever the monthly Scholastic book orders box came in (kind of like opening a class birthday present). The Boxcar Children and Ramona Quimby books were my favorite as a kid, and there were others I especially liked that gripped me like Stone Fox and Number the Stars. I’ve never read the Little Pilgrim’s Progress (only Dangerous Journey), and I love your idea of going through it with Caden. I’m sure he’s great at processing it!

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