Books, Books, Books: February’s LOVEly Give-Away

I could give away books every day for the rest of my life, and I would probably always feel torn.

365 days of the year, and I’m telling you, folks…I would still be debating with my book-loving, book-devouring self!!!

Should I give away serious and challenging or light-hearted and popular?

Should I give away practical and encouraging or deep and thought-provoking? 

Should I give away fiction and happy or true and sad? 

Should I give away long and fun or short and scriptural? 

Should I give away my “favorite reads” or my “new finds?” 

A commentary? 

A best-seller? 

A self-help? 

A copyright of 1999? 

Ai yi yi…the choices, the choices, the CHOICES!!!

BUT, I have decided that as I give away books throughout this year, I am going to give WHATEVER I want and in WHATEVER order I want…even if it seems random, awkward, “too much,” or frivolous.

I am going to give away the books that touch my heart, enlighten my soul, re-center my mind, and excite me!

I am going to give away what I LOVE!


What books am I giving away this month? 

I am giving away two sets of three different children’s books, all written by Marianne Richmond.

They are books that have become a family favorite–books that have become known as “Mommy and Caden’s special book,” “Mommy and Evie’s special book,” and “Mommy’s-special-reminder-book-when-she-struggles-to-want-to-keep-them-little-forever” book.

 I Love You So…, You are My Heart, and If I Could Keep You Little… have become near and dear not only to my HEART, but also to my little LOVES.

And why am I giving away these books? 

Three reasons.

One: I LOVE children’s books!!! Always have and always will…end of story.

Two: When Caden and I first read my copy of I Love You So…(first given to me by a dear friend in college when we graduated way back in ’02; you should read her blog because it’s really good, too), he immediately connected with the words that begin and end the book. Initially, I hadn’t realized that he had connected with the words of this precious book until one night, while tucking his little 2 year-old self in bed one night, I said, “I love you, buddy.” And without missing a beat, he asked, “How Much?” I smiled as I remembered the words. “SO MUCH,” I responded. To which he said, “How much is ‘so’?” And as I shut off his lights, I whispered the last line, “Way, way more than you know!”

Ever since then, these are the words we often whisper-exchange as I turn out the lights and say, “Goodnight.”

Three: When I find an author I love, I become an addict. And when you are an addict, you search, find, and consume MORE and MORE of what you LOVE! And that, my friends, is how I found Evie and I’s special book (You are My Heart) and how I landed my parental-grief book to deal with my awkward inability to handle the transitions of “growing up” (If I Could Keep You Little…)!

So what are a few of my favorite line(s) from these books? 

 I Love You So…

“I love you being NICE, and when you’re CRANKY, too. I love you without liking the NAUGHTY things you do. My ‘love you’ DOESN’T change like the temper of the days. It’s a CERTAIN kind of thing in many DIFFERENT ways.”

You are My Heart

“You are also my GRACE when we learn how to say, “I made a mistake–let’s start a new way.”

If I Could Keep You Little… 

“If I could keep you little, I’d kiss your cuts and scrapes…but then I’d miss you LEARNING from your own mistakes.”

So how can you win a copy of these books? 

In the comment section below, share something that you would LOVE to give away for the rest of your forever and on Friday at 4 PM (EST), I will randomly select two winners to enjoy all three copies of these sweet, heart-warming, Valentine’ish books!

Happy LOVE month!





10 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: February’s LOVEly Give-Away

  1. I would give away books too! Esp the classic kids’ books I and my boys have enjoyed 🙂
    Also – thinking of your sweet niece and family ❤

  2. I would love to give away homemade bread. 1) I enjoy making it, smelling it as it rises and bakes. 2) Who doesn’t enjoy a warm loaf of homemade bread?

  3. Photographs…I love capturing moments that represent memories. And some of the funnest (yes, I know it isn’t really a word) or best gifts I’ve given include photographs that represent cherished memories 🙂

  4. Im with you~ books!! My kiddos devour them so fast and I’m always looking for new good ones (ya know, cause you read them a hundred times!) So Im sure other moms are too! My current favs are (for my 2 yr old) the Frances books, and (for my 4 yr old) the Narnia Chronicles! My absolute favourite books that he is just starting to get to enjoy 🙂

  5. I would love to give away more of myself — without reserve and selfishness — to both God and my people!

    Oh, and I would love to give away crocheted baby gifts someday… Maybe in another season? 🙂

  6. I LOVE books too and even in college would sit down and read them in the library. My current favorite and one I am sending to many of my friend’s kids is “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” I love how it ties everything back to Jesus and how it can minister even to those who are not currently walking with the Lord. I love how you have picked certain books for your kids. My husband currently reads “I Love You Through and Through” to our daughter each night. She lights up! Thank you for sharing books with us! I ❤️ them!

  7. I would love to give away the gift of “planning” that God has given me. I love to plan – to think through every detail, every possible outcome or what could go wrong and plan for that too. I love planning events, out reaches, get togethers, meal trains, etc. you name it and I’d want to help plan it!

  8. I tried to post once but I guess it didn’t work! I would love to give away meals and baked goods more. I know there is always an opportunity, but sometimes life and groceries just don’t make it possible to do as much as I would like. I love to make someone else’s life easier by providing a meal or just a treat.. Especially to older people who are all alone… Seeing how much it means to them makes me wish I could do it all the time.

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