Sister Friends

Evie Rae,

Today, after spending three hours sitting on a Chick-fil-A chair chatting with one of my dearest friends while you kiddos played, I couldn’t help but think about YOU and the girlfriends I hope you’ll one day have.

And since I’m not guaranteed tomorrow or the day after that, I wanted to share NOW (while it’s on my heart and while I have the time) a little about Mommy’s friends and the kind of things I have learned to treasure in these dearest souls–these souls that have become my sister-friends.

So…without further ado (and while you’re still peacefully napping upstairs without a friend-care in the world), I pray that you may ONE DAY have the kind of girlfriends…

that don’t call you “crazy” when you cry over something that might be a bit silly or a little illogical;

that remind you at really random times during the day that they love you;

that ask you how they can pray for you…and then do;

that allow you the freedom to process out-loud what you don’t understand and haven’t yet made sense of;

that don’t run when you share you fears;

that don’t judge when you share your sins;

that don’t keep a track record of their rights and your wrongs;

that are willing to talk about the ways they are growing; the ways they aren’t growing; and the ways they need to keep growing;

that are willing to talk about God’s Word with you and remind you of His Truths when you’ve seemed to have forgotten;

that share their stories in an attempt to normalize yours;

that use their words to affirm your heart and build your soul;

that value the things that eternally matter;

that don’t feel the need to talk about the friend(s) not present;

that don’t have to consistently see you every day or every week or every month every year in order to show that they care;

that are willing to make time for you;

that can share about them and ask about you;

that can handle the changes in friendship that come with the changes in life;

that allow and support the friendships you have with others;

that don’t engage in “hate-talk” toward their bodies;

that can validate your strengths without feeling insecure about theirs;

that can rejoice in your blessings even when they don’t share those same blessings;

that don’t define themselves by their earthly roles or temporary titles;

that allow you the room to change and evolve;

and friends that listen well and love deeply…even when they’re sitting on Chick-fil-A chairs.


THOSE, sweet Evie-girl, are the kind of girlfriends I desire for you, and THOSE are the kind of sister-friends I will pray that God graciously grants you.








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