40 ‘Why Questions’ I SOMETIMES Ask Myself

  1. Why does your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack seem so unappealing but when I sit down with my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack, you suddenly have the appetite of a ravenous lion?
  2. Why does everyone have clean clothes in my house except me?
  3. Why does my sleeve look like a more appealing home for your booger than that nice Kleenex over there?
  4. Why do I continue to think that bed time for you means quiet time for me?
  5. Why can’t you hear my request to pick up your toys, but you can hear me open the snack cupboard from a mile away?
  6. Why didn’t I assume that when I bought you that new shirt that you would chew on the sleeves, pull the collar, and not put your arms in the sleeves a majority of the time?
  7. Why did I just give you a choice?
  8. Why did I think my life was so tough when you were INSIDE the womb?
  9. Why do I even attempt to put socks on your feet and a bow in your hair?
  10. Why did I take the time to shower today?
  11. Why are you wearing a matchy-matchy, adorable outfit, and I’m still wearing my over-sized hoodie from 2002?
  12. Why did I think I could actually finish that conversation with your father that I just started?
  13. Why do we have carpet in our house?
  14. Why don’t I just cover my house in drop cloths?
  15. Why is grocery shopping ruining your life?
  16. Why buy toys when you have remote controls, car keys, and outlets?
  17. Why do I even try to buy shoes that will fit your feet for more than today?
  18. Why are you throwing yourself on the floor…again?
  19. Why is removing the poop from your diaper SO mean of me?
  20. Why did I even set that alarm?
  21. Why do we have a TV, but I never get to watch it?
  22. Why didn’t I just offer you a block of cheese for dinner tonight and a cup of Dr. Pepper?
  23. Why was I able to make it the whole day with no one realizing that my yoga pants were on backwards?
  24. Why do I buy toys that require more than two, AA batteries?
  25. Why do I wear clothes when I give my kids a bath?
  26. Why don’t I just start the vacuum at 7:30 AM and turn it off at 8:30 PM?
  27. Why do you want to use crayons on anything and everything except paper?
  28. Why does the water in my cup taste better than the water in your cup?
  29. Why do I expect that the toilet paper would remain on the roll?
  30. Why do my children have more time with their friends than I do?
  31. Why didn’t I just register for diapers and coffee when I was walking around Target?
  32. Why are we always missing one sock?
  33. Why do I continuously forget that the Velcro on the bibs DESTROYS the rest of my laundry?
  34. Why do you scream from downstairs when I am upstairs?
  35. Why do you scream from upstairs when I am downstairs?
  36. Why do I buy you more books, and more clothes, and more everything than I buy myself?
  37. Why did we even attempt to install cabinet locks when you still manage to pry the fruit snacks from the cupboard?
  38. Why are you begging to skip your nap when I’d give me right arm and left ear for a scheduled nap?
  39. Why do we have dressers when most of our clothes are folded in laundry baskets?
  40. Why is a request to take one picture SO hard and SO very, very painful?


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