A Window to Me

They make mistakes and they make me mad;

they disappoint and they do some bad.

They whine, complain, neglect to obey;

they struggle over the things I say.

They forget, deny, and break the rules;

they scream, they cry, and they act like fools.

They sadden, they grieve, and break my heart;

they distort and take my things apart.

They fight and fail to love each other;

they compete, hit, and hurt one another.

They forget the good and bemoan the hard;

they deny, debate, and disregard.

They are selfish, needy, broken, and flawed;

they live their life like their own little god.

They want, they seek, and pursue their plans;

they are good at being their own best fans.

They see, they want, and demand their stuff;

they moan and grumble when it’s not enough.

These children of mine are a window to me;

they remind me of God and what He must see.

When He looks at me from His holy seat–

loving me still through my incomplete.

These children of mine are a window to me

of how deep and strong is God’s love for me.


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