Beauty, My Girl

Little girl,

I hope you never, ever question your beauty

but just in case you do…

I want you to know a thing or two.

Beauty is not a size or a shape, 

and it’s not determined by a measuring tape.  

Beauty is not a white smile or a length of hair, 

and it’s not attained by the clothes you wear. 

Beauty is not a silly contest or a competitive show, 

and it’s not characterized by your facial glow. 

Beauty is not painted lips or shadowed eyes, 

and it’s not decided by a group of guys. 

Beauty is not a thigh gap or a great, big bust, 

and it’s not described by an air of lust. 

Beauty is not a style or walk, 

and it’s not identified by the way you talk. 

Beauty is not a labeled tag or a magazine ad, 

and it’s not represented by a fast-changing fad. 

Beauty is not a pair of shoes or an ethnic race, 

and it’s not by marked by an acne-free face. 

Beauty is not long legs or thick lashes, 

and it’s not given on sparkled, titled sashes. 

Beauty is not a tiny waist or shaped brows,   

and it’s not decided by a lot of “wow’s.” 

Beauty is not what the media applauds or the eye beholds,

and it’s not denoted by silver and golds. 


Beauty, my girl, is none of these things…

but rather defined by the King of Kings.


4 thoughts on “Beauty, My Girl

  1. I loved this and shared with my health and fitness team F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself), who are comprised of a bunch of wonderful ladies of all shapes, sizes, and ages focused on living a healthy lifestyle and glorify God in the process. They loved it! Have a great day!

  2. Oh, friend, what wonderful words! I have been praying for your girl’s body image as she grows up! I’m thankful she’s got a mom who models a healthy relationship with her body as well!

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