25 Things We Want You to Remember about Your Parents

Caden Paul and Evie Rae,

  1. We are imperfect people who will sometimes hurt you; we own that.
  2. Because we are imperfect people, there will be times when we will fail at loving you; we expect that.
  3. There will be times when we will be wrong and you will be right; we’ll come to grips with that.
  4. We love you to Mars and back, but we love each other more; we’ve committed to that.
  5. We discipline you because we love you; we have chosen that.
  6. We aren’t going to fight your battles, right your wrongs, or take responsibility for the choices you make; we refuse to do that.
  7. We don’t expect you to act like, look like, or be like each other; we don’t want that.
  8. We are going to make decisions for our family that will sometimes feel unfair and not make sense to you; we’re okay with that.
  9. We can love you without liking your choices; we want you to believe that.
  10. We will struggle at times to know how to “be there” and also “let go;” we admit that.
  11. We won’t be the only influences in your life; we aren’t wanting that.
  12. We won’t always understand you; we will talk about that.
  13. We will have friends and activities outside of you; we need that.
  14. We will have moments when we freak out and assume; we will need grace for that.
  15. We will unintentionally pass on our “junk” and our “yuck” to you; we will be in prayer about that.
  16. We hope to encourage you, challenge you, and disciple you; we desperately want to do that.
  17. We will sin against you, hurt you, and maybe even wound you; we are sorry for that.
  18. We would love for you to be life-long friends who happen to be siblings; we will support you in that.
  19. We won’t be able to meet your every need; we can’t do that.
  20. We will want things for you that you might not want for you; we will accept that.
  21. We won’t be like your friends’ parents; we accept that.
  22. We want you to feel safe with us; we will work toward that.
  23. We won’t always reflect God well; we will ask forgiveness for that.
  24. We can’t make you a follower of Jesus; we will ask God for that.
  25. We will love and support you as best we can; we can promise you that.


Daddy and Mommy

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