Not My Home

Today, I realized just how often I work to make this world my home, how hard I work to make this earth feel like heaven, and how quickly discouraged I become when I realize that this earthly place can never provide what the eternal kingdom promises.

And what was it that drew my attention to this ethereal lifestyle I strive to create in this finite realm?

I was overwhelmed by the dirty dishes, the unfinished cleaning, and the messy floors.
I was frustrated by my inability to manage it all, control it all, and finish it all.
I was discouraged by the endless tug-at-your-pant leg-requests and the continuous mind-numbing whining.
I was upset by my body ailments, my failing patience, and my tired mind.
I was angered by the growing list of tasks, the unreturned calls, and the broken computer.
I was tired of the meltdowns, the explaining, and the teething.
I was burdened by my expectations, my schedule, and my future.
I was disappointed by the Bible study not started, the plans on hold, and the projects halfway completed.
I was irritated by my ugly sin, my limited capacity, and my fearful heart.
I was saddened by the busyness, craziness, and emptiness of life.
I was aggravated by the silly battles, the repeated violations, and the ungrateful attitudes.
I was bothered by the hobbies not enjoyed, the friendships not maintained, and the meals unplanned.

In short, I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged, upset, angered, tired, burdened, disappointed, irritated, saddened, aggravated and bothered because no matter how hard I might try, my earthly home doesn’t feel like heaven.

And as I opened up the Word this afternoon, weary and torn, I was reminded (again) that my home and my life is not supposed to feel like heaven.


Because it’s not.

“Our citizenship is in heaven, and we eagerly await a Savior…” Philippians  3:20

So as redeemed children who have recognized our need for His shed blood to rescue us from ourselves and our sin, we should not be surprised when our lives feel are less than perfect. For the truth is, we live in a broken earth filled with fallen souls who are living in dirty, chaotic homes with unmet desires, unfulfilled expectations, and unfinished business.

Imperfect is just par for the course for the “here and now” because what is “yet to come” has yet to be fulfilled.

So instead of trying to make our earth a heaven, may we seek to faithfully live out our days in a shadowy picture of what is yet to come, eagerly awaiting a Savior who will (one day) make all the things… good, and right, and perfectly complete.


One thought on “Not My Home

  1. such truth!! I too feel like I can’t “keep up” with all the details of life, but it’s refreshing to be reminded that we’ll never have the perfect home here and we shouldn’t expect it to be.

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