Mountain-Moving, Death-Defying Power

I can’t stop thinking about these lyrics…I just can’t.

And though I’m not really sure if Romans 8:11 inspired Jeremy Camp’s recent lyrics, they certainly echo the heartbeat of that verse…a verse that has been special to me since the fall of 2009 when I first began my career in counseling, a verse that I have been preaching and repeating to both my clients and myself.

“And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you.”

And then, as I’m driving to the dentist office one morning last week (tired and weary from the weight of our world and the tasks on my plate), I hear this song, and my eyes immediately clouded with tears.

I can see
Waters raging at my feet
I can feel
The breath of those surrounding me
I can hear
The sound of nations rising up
We will not be overtaken
We will not be overcome

I can walk
Down this dark and painful road
I can face
Every fear of the unknown
I can hear
All God’s children singing out
We will not be overtaken
We will not be overcome

The same power that rose Jesus from the grave
The same power that commands the dead to wake
Lives in us, lives in us
The same power that moves mountains when He speaks
The same power that can calm a raging sea
Lives in us, lives in us
He lives in us, lives in us

We have hope
That His promises are true
In His strength
There is nothing we can’t do
Yes, we know
There are greater things in store
We will not be overtaken
We will not be overcome

Greater is He that is living in me
He’s conquered our enemy
No power of darkness
No weapon prevails
We stand here in victory 

Oh, how those lyrics proclaim a powerful and Truth-filled reminder for the follower of Jesus–a Truth that I sometimes forget and often neglect. 

And where do I find myself when I forget and neglect this life-changing Truth?

I find myself navigating the dark and unknown by myself.

I find myself fighting and resisting the enemy in my own strength

I find myself tossed and wrecked by the waves of this world.

I find myself scared of the future and doubtful about my path.

I find myself overcome and overwhelmed.

I find myself weary and defeated.

But if we are followers of Jesus, we were not rescued so that we could rest in us, relying in our solutions, and in our abilities, and in our power. No, we were rescued with death-defying, resurrection-raising power so that we could live in freedom, resting in His power and in His finished work on the cross. 

So today…

as I seek to love the unlovely and meet the needs of the needy

as I seek to forgive the wrongs and release my pain

as I seek to finish those tasks and accomplish those goals

as I seek to fight the fears and resist the doubt

as I seek to serve my family and love my children

as I seek to conquer those sins and live in freedom

as I seek to follow His call and fulfill His will

as I seek to give above my ability and grow beyond my capacity…

I can live and rest in that SAME POWER. 


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