A Stylish and Functional Give-Away

Sweet Mother of July, it is HUMID up in here!!!

And because I’m sweating while sitting in my Midwest, air-conditioned hot box made of heat-keeping bricks (#firstworldproblems), I think I’ll just save my energy and my words!

So, without further beads of brow sweat ado, let me introduce you to this month’s Shoppe Talk Give-Away!

Meet Kate and her Etsy shop, Little Deer Boutique!


Who are you?

Hi, I’m Kate Palsrok! My husband, Tyler, and I are both natives of Michigan, but we’re currently living in Rhode Island, which is where I finished up my masters’ degree last year at the Rhode Island School of Design.  I graduated at the end of May 2014; we got married at the end of June; and BOOM, we’re now expecting a baby girl at the end of July (not quite in line on our five-year plan)! Guess we didn’t waste any time, did we?!

 What inspired your Etsy shop?
My degrees are in jewelry and metalsmithing, along with studio art, watercolors, and a minor in graphic design (yes, there was a lot of school), but I also really love traditional home-crafts like embroidery, sewing, and quilting. I like to think that my background and training in art and design gives me a fresh perspective on what can sometimes be a bit of a frumpy medium!
As I stepped into the world of shopping for baby things, I wasn’t liking a lot of the mass-produced products that I was coming across, so I started making my own!  My friends with kids were loving the things that I was making, so I started giving some as gifts and then eventually started selling them. Since I won’t be able to work for a while when I have the baby (and have no paid maternity leave), Tyler and I started talking about making this venture a full-time thing, attempting to replace my former income. We’ve decided to give it a go!
What do you enjoy most about the products you make?
My favorite thing, hands down, is seeing the things I make in action!  I LOVE when I get pictures of one of my bandanas on a baby (along with a note from the mom letting me know that it’s a new favorite) or being told that a teething necklace has been an instant hit with a baby. Since I don’t yet have a baby of my own to test my products, it’s really gratifying to see that I’m hitting the mark.  
In the past few months, what has been one of your favorite “uploaded memories” that you hope to tuck away and treasure forever?
Well, like I alluded to earlier, we weren’t exactly planning on having kids quite this quickly. When I found out I was pregnant, it took me a while to figure out how I felt about it; I didn’t even tell Tyler for a whole week while I tried to process the news. I wanted to make sure that my emotions had sort of stabilized before telling him, so that way he could have whatever emotional reaction he needed to, and it wouldn’t throw me off.  I tried to set it up as nicely as I could, so we went out to dinner to one of his favorite places. I really didn’t know how he would react, but he was totally stellar.  The “moment” I hope to remember is when we were leaving the restaurant; he was skipping around the parking garage and singing, “I’m going to be a dad!!”  It was completely adorable and just the sweetest thing ever; it went a long way toward setting my heart at ease. He’ll be a fantastic dad.
Could you share a recent example of a time where you received a “downloading of grace” and how it blessed your heart?
Tyler and I haven’t had an easy road since we’ve been together. I actually joke with my mom about our story being called “Kate and Tyler Can’t Catch a Break.”  It’s hard going through hard times and being so far away from all of the friends and family that you grew up with, but I have been completely overwhelmed and humbled by the generosity of the people around us (both near and far) who have stepped into our lives and given us a helping hand. People have made meals for us, given us gift cards to grocery stores, and given us so much baby stuff that we hardly have any needs for the baby. I tend to be the type who wants to be really prepared, so being able to feel like we’re fairly well-set for this big bundle of unknown coming in July is a huge blessing and one that I honestly wasn’t expecting to have. I really can’t adequately describe how overwhelmed I am with gratitude at how generous and loving people have been.
What are you giving away?
I’m giving away a drool bandana and a silicone teething necklace (both pictured below)– two of my favorite things that I make!  The bandanas are awesome for the “drool phase,” so you can easily swap those out rather than changing an entire outfit. And babies LOVE to chew on the silicone necklaces!  They’re fun for mom to wear (it’s like a wearable chew toy!) and the silicone is FDA-approved food-grade, so it’s totally safe to be chewed on, and you can even put the necklace in the dishwasher for sanitizing…or you can even pop it in the freezer to help in soothing those little gums. Both items are stylish and functional – win win!
Giveaway Items
So how can you win this month’s give-away? 
In the comment section below, share something you LOVE about summer (No, you cannot and will not win if you say something terrible like, “I love the humidity and what it does to my hair and my pits.”), and I will pick one, random winner on Friday at 4 PM (EST)!
Oh, and be sure to check out Kate’s other lovely work…right HERE

7 thoughts on “A Stylish and Functional Give-Away

  1. Aw, Kate these are adorable! Well, summer does make my hair more *interesting* 😉 But my favorite part of summer is my firstborn’s birthday! My siblings and I also are all summer-born babies, so summer has always been full of fun parties and celebration

  2. There are SO many things I love about summer! Warm weather, sunshine, bare feet, lemonade, fresh fruit, cookouts, corn on the cob, swimming pools, bathing suits, sun tans, trips to the lake, playing outdoors, tank tops, going for walks, pretty flowers and green foliage, festivals and fairs, flip flops, ice cream cones, outdoor concerts, frozen margaritas, the list goes on! Nothing beats summer-time for me!

  3. There are many reasons I love summer. Mostly b/c (honestly!) the heat and humidity. With our road, the winters are harsh and when it snows, I am trapped. But I LOVE gardening and doing yard work (say what?). Honest. I enjoy planting the seeds and plants with my 3 year old and watching the plants grow and getting yummy homegrown veggies. My daughter loves seeing the progress as well and willingly helps me in the garden each time. I enjoy pulling weeds. (Maybe I lived without a yard for too long??) Aside from the labor part, I love getting together with family and enjoying the fresh air and seeing the kids play outside….not all bundled up. The bare feet…grilling….cold drinks…the list can go on and on. If it’s part of summer, I love it. 🙂

  4. Kate – I love summer, specifically THIS summer, because I am being gifted with two grandchildren. Babies are great any time of year, but a summer baby gets the lucky availability of birthday parties at the beach. I like this summer, also, because you’ll be beginning those beach birthday party traditions! I’d love to win your give-away, but if not … I know where to get ahold of your cute creations. I send my best wishes for a successful business and fun, fun, fun with your bebe girl!
    Great interview, btw.

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