10 Things I Want You to Know about Those Shoes

1. The man who wears those shoes is humble and kind. Not greedy for the praise of others or focused on being in the spotlight, he is a kind-spoken, intentional man who uses his words wisely. His shoes might not be the flashiest or the first ones noted in the room, but you had better believe that they are some of the most reliable and respected shoes in the room.

2. The man who wears those shoes is persistent and persevering. He has been told “no” and “not yet” quite a few times in these recent years and every single time he receives a “no blow,” he gets back up, adjusts those shoes and keeps on walking the path before him.

3. The man who wears those shoes is a selfless, sacrificing man. Using his hands, his heart, and his handy-man skills, he is always looking for ways to serve. Behind the scenes and in the “dirty-not-so-glamorous-and-glorious jobs,” he is always quick to lend a helping hand. In fact, if I know him, he’d be willing to give up his very own shoes if he knew someone else had greater need of them; that’s just the kind of man he is.


4. The man who wears those shoes is content traveling the “road less traveled.” Not afraid of what others will think, he has no problem walking the “hard” and “unpopular” paths. He is an upright man and a speaker of truth, honest with his words and above reproach in his ways.

5. The man who wears those shoes loves and leads his family well. He is a thoughtful defender, a faithful listener, a patient father, a hard-working provider, a loyal husband, a servant- leader, and a supportive friend. Putting his loved ones first, he is quick to deny himself–frequently running to the aid of those he loves and calls “family.”

6. The man who wears those shoes is steady and dependable. Consistent in his attitude, faithful to his commitments, and loyal to his loved ones, you can rely on the man who walks in those shoes…day in and day out.


7. The man who wears those shoes is crazy-talented. Good with his hands and smart with his noggin’, this man is a jack-of-all-trades. The gardening-expert, the government-worker, the guitar-picker, the gourmet-baker, and the guru of history…those shoes carry a versatile man.

8. The man who wears those shoes is thoughtful and wise. He knows when to speak and when to be still; he knows when to challenge and when to encourage; he knows when to say “yes” and when to say “no”; and he knows the places his shoes should and shouldn’t go.


9. The man who wears those shoes is a Jesus-Follower, and he is keenly aware that “grace” is what saved him and “grace” is what sustains him. He knows that he is an imperfect man in need of a perfect Savior, and he walks faithfully with the Lord–obeying His Word, heeding His callings, and following His footsteps wherever He leads.

10. Those shoes that you are wearing are your daddy’s, and they are big…so very, very big…and there is no one (on this side of heaven) who will ever, ever fill those shoes in the ways that your daddy does.

Caden Paul and Evie Rae, you are truly blessed to be fathered by the man who wears these shoes.


2 thoughts on “10 Things I Want You to Know about Those Shoes

  1. Jessica, dear, this is my favorite post so far…….I am sure mostly because you are writing about my son, the man you married! But truly, this is so well written and you said it all so beautifully and it is all true……………..I know because I helped raise him and you have him to love for your lifetime!!!!! How precious and blessed we are to have you all!!!!! Love MOM

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