A Manly Give-Away

I am going to keep this short and awesome because that’s what men like, right?

They like details facts.

They like poems short sentences.

They like mushy manly.

They like emotions that feel logical. (No. She. Didn’t.) (Yes. I. Did.)

Well, there. Now that I’ve stereotyped all men and possibly lost the few “man-readers” that I have, let me go ahead and say, “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!”

Though I realize that not every man who is reading this (Are there even men that are still reading this???) is a father, I do know that every man has “fathers” in his life and every man has the opportunity to be a “fatherly example.” And to me, that’s worth celebrating!


Because our world needs good men and good fathers. 

Our world needs men that will stand up for Truth and fight for love.

Our world needs men that will protect their families and love their wives.

Our world needs men that will sacrifice, lead, and provide.

Our world needs men that are filled with integrity and humble in their ways.

Our world needs men that will nurture, challenge, and shepherd their children.

Our world needs men that are committed to their duties and faithful to their vows.

Our world needs men that love Jesus.

And our world also needs a bunch of loving, supportive women.


Because our men need gracious and loving women who will come alongside of them and support them in these endeavors.

Not women who are quick to criticize their shortcomings.

Not women who are demanding and filled with unfair, unattainable expectations.

Not women who are fault-finding and fickle.

Not women who are holding a score card over their heads and comparing them to “Joe.”

Not women who will remind them of all their wrongs and all their weaknesses.

Not women who are disrespectful with their words and condemning in their actions.

Not women who expect them to be Jesus, but women who will support them in looking like Jesus. 

So, for this month’s “Do-Good-Give-Away,” I want to encourage all of us to do just that.

Let’s be women who support our men!

What am I giving away this month? 

I am giving away three copies of Voddie Baucham’s book, Family Shepherds: Calling and Equipping Men to Lead Their Homes.

How can you win? 

In the comment section below, share something you admire about a “father” in your life and on Thursday morning (9 AM EST), I will pick three, random winners.

I realize it’s a quick turnaround, but I want you to be able to have these books in hand for Father’s Day!

‘Hooray’ for our fathers and ‘hooray’ to the women who faithfully support them! 

Oh, and here’s just a few pictures of my godly, wonderful father…grand-fathering his grandchildren. Thanks for being like Jesus, Dad; I love you.

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20 thoughts on “A Manly Give-Away

  1. OK, Jess….you asked for it…here is a little something about my dad…

    Not what he did….Who he was
    Recently, I was talking with a physician, and in telling him my health history…I mentioned my dad…
    It is not uncommon for me to get emotional when I talk about my dad, and true to form, I got a little weepy.
    The doctor stopped and looked at me, and asked me what my dad did…
    I looked at him and replied, “he was a draftsman….but it wasn’t what he did…it is who he was”.
    You see, my dad never had any letters, signifying a degree behind his name, no great honor was ever bestowed upon him…but it is the man who he was that is so important…

    He was a man who could often be found lying on his stomach, coloring with his grandkids…patiently teaching them how to color within the lines…
    He was a man who could often be found riding amusement park rides with his grandkids~years after he turned 60…
    He was a man who attended far more band and choir concerts than he had ever hoped to attend. He made sure that he was there to support his kids…
    He was a man who celebrated the anniversary of the day he got engaged to my mother, never forgetting, and even remembering the date…just days before he died…
    He was a man who was content to sit on the back porch and listen to the wind rustling through the trees at our home on top of the hill…
    He was a man who took a broken down , century old one-room school house, and together with my mom…totally gutted it, and turned into a haven for our family…
    He was a man who lived out his faith on a daily basis…he didn’t send his kids to church…he took us and taught us how to worship our Creator…
    He was a man who was a true friend to others…the kind of man who would go the extra mile, lend a helping hand and give all that he could…all without recognition…
    He was a man who always called me bright and early on my birthday, recounting the day that his red-headed little girl was born…
    He was a man who beamed with pride when ever his wife or kids received any recognition…
    He was a man who treasured family, and treated his elderly relatives with grace and diginity…
    He was a man who could often be seen beaming with pride, as he carried his grandkids on his shoulders…
    He was a man that faced death without fear…
    He was a man that loved me without reservation…. that cared for me at all times, that laughed when I laughed and cried when I cried…
    You see, it wasn’t his occupation or degree that made him so special, it was simply who he was…
    My dad

    • Rhonda, your love for your dad is one of the most encouraging, humbling things…EVER. Your way with words, your nostalgic heart, and your appreciation for the beautiful and the sweet are just a FEW of my favorite things about you. Thank you for sharing your heart and your memories; I’m so VERY glad I “asked for it.” Love you, dear soul.

  2. I admire how my Father has gone out of his way in the past few years to invest in me and get to know me as a young woman. He takes me out on dates, just the two of us, and we laugh and joke or we can have serious conversation. Our last date included a chick flick at the theater and smoothies and bacon at Denny’s. Whatever we do he is intentionally investing in my life and I love him all the more for it.

  3. The father my dad was as I grew up and lived at home and continues to be to this day. He is always showing God’s love. He will drop anything for any of his children and grandchildren at any time. He encourages. I admire the godly man he is and the example he was of what a husband should be. I have so many amazing memories with my dad that continue into adulthood. ❤

  4. The father I admire is the father of my children, my husband Dave. He not only works hard to provide for them, but he takes time to play with them after a hard day’s work too. When I’ve reached my limit, he reminds me how the kids need me (or what they need) and brings things into perspective for me.

  5. I would love to talk about the amazing father that my husband is, but I must recognize the father that has been in my life for 32 years and molded me to who I am today.
    I admire my father for many reasons, but there is one thing in particular that I have to mention. He recently became an elder in the church that he and my mom attend. The commitment he had made to the Lord and his love for the Lord is an amazing thing to witness . To know that I am going to spend eternity with the people I love is a very comforting feeling. My father’s love to my mom, his kids and now 3 grandchildren is shown in everything he does. We love him dearly!

  6. My grandfather, my mother’s father… After 59 years of marriage, no matter who they are in front of, he still teases her with a sheepish smile. Then he takes her hand, squeezes it and gives her a kiss. He also sits in the very first pew at church, right next to the choir so he can hear and see her singing/ playing the piano better. A Godly love. A man like Jesus.

  7. I love Voddie Baucham’s books! We have a few of his books/dvds. 🙂 My dad chose a job that he didn’t really like so that he could choose his hours and be home often. I love and admire that about my dad. He was always home and always worked his schedule to be at any and all events that we had, even through our college years.

  8. Thank you for sharing these sweet notes about the fathers in your lives–so encouraging to read! The randomly-selected winners for this month are Matt (umm, how cool that a “man commenter” won??!?!), Kelly, and Jessica! I will contact each of you this morning!

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