Giving Away Adorable Clothes!

Do you know what I am celebrating in the month of May (besides my 8th anniversary, my 5th Mother’s Day, and my son’s 4th birthday)?

I am celebrating “National Cute, Personalized Clothes Month!”

What? Is that even a celebrated thing, Jessica? 

Well, technically not, but if May is celebrating National Hamburger Month and National Blood Pressure Month and National Salad Month, shouldn’t we just go ahead and celebrate “National Cute, Personalized Clothes Month?!?!” It makes total sense to me!

Ps. Is the CDC trying to send us a secretive, wellness message? Eat a hamburger, take your blood pressure, and then eat a salad?? Come on, May! You’re bringing me down!

So, since I felt like the month of May needed a little boost of happy, I thought I’d introduce you to Rebekah and her Etsy shop, Rewrite Tomorrow. Lemme tell ya, this girl knows how to celebrate “National Cute, Personalized Clothes Month!” 

20150405 (32)

Who are you?

I am a child of God, a wife to an amazing husband, and a mommy to a beautiful baby girl (Brinley, 8 months). I am also a gymnastics coach who loves adventure, creativity, and reading.

What inspired your Etsy shop?

During my pregnancy with my daughter, my love for design and creativity kicked into high gear. My poor husband was a trooper as I insisted on not only painting all sorts of stuff for her room, but I also built a bookshelf and an elephant -shaped chalkboard from scratch.  What was I thinking?!?! During the designing of her room, I also decorated letters for her name, as well as some digital designs to print and hang in her room.  Others became interested in some of these creative designs, so they became some of the first products I made available on my Etsy shop.

Additionally, as Brinley grew, so did my desire for cute outfits.  Let’s face it: babies and adorable outfits go hand in hand. I purchased an embroidery machine in January 2015 and got to work creating more things for Brinley. I added these to my Etsy shop, and now these personalized outfits are some of my most popular items.

Bow Tie Flag (16) bow (10)
What do you enjoy most about the products you make?

I love to create items I know others will enjoy. I think dressing up and designing have been in my blood for a long time; I was one of those kids who spent more time picking out outfits and styling the hair on my baby dolls and Barbies, than I actually did “playing” with them. 

Also, as someone who has a daughter with a uniquely-spelled name, I also love being able to offer personalized items for all kids. 


In the past few months, what has been one of your favorite “uploaded memories” that you hope to tuck away and treasure forever?

My daughter is growing and learning so much right now.  I love seeing her explore the world around her and discover new things every day.  One of my current favorites is her recent ability to really hug.  When those little arms are squeezing tight around my neck, I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Could you share a recent example of a time where you received a “downloading of grace” and how it blessed your heart?

More than anything else, I am grateful for God’s grace every day; He loves me despite my shortcomings and failures.  In addition to that, I am also thankful for the husband He has blessed me with–he has been an amazing father to our little girl these last eight months. He has also been so supportive of my new Etsy business, even though that sometimes means that other things around the house may not be done as quickly or effectively as before. 

What are you giving away?

I am giving away a $25 credit to my Etsy shop, giving you the opportunity to pick out something YOU WANT for your child! 

So how can you win this month’s “Shoppe-Talk-Give-Away?” 

In the comment section below, share something that you’d like to see celebrated in the month of May, and I will pick a random winner on Saturday (4 PM EST) to win the $25 store credit!

Oh, and be sure to check out Rebekah’s adorable stuff HERE! 

15 thoughts on “Giving Away Adorable Clothes!

  1. I want to celebrate “snail mail” day! Most days now its so easy to send an email, text, or fb message. I hate getting bills in the mail and would love a hand written letter from a friend!

  2. Rebekah, your things are precious!
    In the month of May I’d love to celebrate my son as a new creation! He recently accepted Jesus into his heart and it has been so fun to discuss the newness of spring in relation to what “all things new” means to a Christian!

  3. In the month of May I would like to have a “National No Electronics day!!” We are all so caught up in a world of electronical devices that I would like to see what would happen if everyone put away their electronics for a whole day!!

  4. I’d celebrate Wild Places; the untouched, quiet, raw world. Whether it meant hiking through the woods, canoeing down a river, or sleeping under the stars, the aim would be to surrender to a world and Creator who is bigger than we are – to surrender to own our lack of control.

  5. I would love a day to celebrate small accomplishments! People sometimes get so caught up by the big picture that they forget to look at all the small things they’ve over come or accomplished. From day to day I keep my son(he just turned one) happy and healthy(even of he likes to try to NOT do the safest things! Crazy kids!) I keep the house running smooth, and I do everything I can to help others. Nap day, as previously mentioned is good too! They are so unappreciated! Lol

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