20 Things I Want My White Children to Remember

1. Jesus didn’t share your skin color.

2. The color of someone’s skin doesn’t say anything about the color of their heart.

3. “White” is not synonymous with “right,” “good,” “safe,” or “better.”

4. Thugs and racists are ALL kinds of colors.

5. “White” and “black” aren’t the only colors in the crayon box.

6. We all have “stories” and the only way to understand someone’s “story,” is to ask about it, listen to it, and try to understand it.

7. Black people don’t have to talk, look, or act “white” in order for you to believe they are educated and kind.

8. Some of your parents’ favorite people in life haven’t shared your skin color.

9. Racism is real…even IF you aren’t a racist.

10. You don’t want others to look at one part of your life and assume, so don’t do it to others.

11. You don’t have to apologize for your skin color, and they don’t have to apologize for theirs.

12. You may “know” or rub shoulders with a minority, but that doesn’t mean you understand diversity.

13. Don’t let the media inform your thoughts and beliefs…leave that to God’s Word…it does a MUCH better job.

14. God’s earthly Church may look segregated and divided, but His heavenly Kingdom won’t.

15. There is no “quick-fix” for a long-term problem, but that doesn’t mean we bury our heads and refuse to try.

16. The color of you skin shouldn’t entitle you to anything but sadly…sometimes it will; don’t be okay with that.

17. You shouldn’t judge what you refuse to understand.

18. Assault is not okay, but neither is silence.

19. There are a lot of adjectives in the English language to describe people, and I’m not convinced that “black, “white,” “red,” and “yellow” are the most effective.

20. The world around you can’t be understood with only “white-colored” lenses.


10 thoughts on “20 Things I Want My White Children to Remember

  1. Friend, your wise words are reaching a wide audience. With a topic like this, they need to! Amen to these words. As a “tia” to a non-white child, I’m aware that her experience in the Body might be different than mine. I pray, however, it’s similar in bringing her true fellowship regardless of her skin color and marital and socioeconomic status.

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