44 Things I Want My Kids to Remember

1. You can win the applause of the whole world and it doesn’t matter if Jesus isn’t clapping.

2.  Not all feelings are TRUTH and not all TRUTH feels good.

3. You are going to have people in life who don’t like you…no matter what you do.

4. There is strength in admitting you’re broken.

5. Everyone has a story and that story can explain a lot.

6. Marriage sometimes looks like loving the person you don’t always like.

7. Relationships are messy and yet absolutely necessary.

8. Growth doesn’t happen all at once.

9. Christians don’t get a “no struggle” pass; they get a “bear your cross” ticket.

10. There is beauty in being known–the good, the bad, and the ugly.

11. Incredible healing can come from confrontation.

12. God still works miracles.

13. Your identity is not found in a mirror.

14. God’s love isn’t based on your performance.

15. Your parents are imperfect people who will sin against you.

16. Happiness and joy are not the same.

17. Saying “no” can be healthy, even if it’s not accepted, applauded, or appreciated.

18. Satan is out to destroy you.

19. There is no perfect church because there are no perfect people.

20. Friends who love Jesus help you love Jesus.

21. You can be a Christian and have mental health issues.

22. Being a leader doesn’t always look like being a talker.

23. Heaven won’t be filled with people that look like you; heaven will be filled with people that look like Jesus.

24. Church-going, Bible-reading, prayer-asking, and tithe-giving will never earn you heaven.

25. Obsessing over your motives is different from guarding your motives.

26. You don’t have to be others and others don’t have to be you.

27. Doing the right thing isn’t always comfortable.

28. Doing the comfortable thing isn’t always right.

29. Assuming the motives of others is very, very dangerous.

30. A right view of Jesus will give you a right view of you.

31. Theology will never be irrelevant.

32. Your expectations are just that…your expectations.

33. This earth was never meant to feel like heaven.

34. You never outgrow a helping hand.

35. You can spend your whole life trying to discern God’s will and never really live.

36. It’s okay if life doesn’t always look black and white.. it’s not.

37. If you don’t have any unbelieving friends in your life, go make some.

38. God is big enough for all of your questions.

39. You don’t have to know it all or have it all to give your all.

40. Don’t say what you don’t mean, and don’t promise what you can’t do.

41. Others will do “your things” better than you do “your things,” and that’s okay.

42. Worry will suck the life right out of your life.

43. There isn’t a winner in the game of “Compare.”

44. No matter what this world tells you, this life isn’t about you.


5 thoughts on “44 Things I Want My Kids to Remember

  1. I love this whole list!!! Lots of wisdom here. There really isn’t one I can say I like more than any other but I do appreciate that you included #21. And, I think if we’re all honest with ourselves, we all have experienced this at one time or another (either with ourselves or with those we know). I have fought a root of bitterness and anger over the lack of understanding and support both within (former) church community and within my family over that. I think for the sufferer, this sort of response can also lay askew their own faith, position, and understanding of God, which is so tragic. I think this applies not only for mental illness, but for all struggles. 1 Timothy 5:8 really laid this out for me. By the same vein, forgiveness for me has looked a lot like, “they know not what they do.” People cannot support what they don’t understand or of which they are afraid, and they try to explain things they do not understand with what makes them feel comfortable.

  2. I love this list! I love the time and reflection you put into each post. How invaluable and priceless it is to take time and just think about your Savior and His mission for your life! What an amazing exercise each post must be for you (and a challenge for me to do the same in my personal quiet time)! It is such a wonderful encouragement to remember how valuable it is to have a Mary type heart, that digging into God’s Word and meditating on Him and His truths could not be replaced for all the treasure in the whole world. Praising the Lord for your sincere love and genuine heart! Press on, dear friend!

    P.S. I wish we knew each other better in college too. I am so thankful though for the internet!

    • Jackie, I’m not sure you know how much your words of encouragement mean to my heart. God used those words (at just the right time) to bless my heart in a really special way. Thank you taking the time (in the midst of your busy) to be a blessing and share a kind word. Yes, each post is an exercise in a LOT of things for me…one of them being…not worrying or fearing how others will feel or think or believe or assume about me for my willingness to share…tons of insecurity that satan feeds on, so thank you for speaking some kindness toward this soul that can so easily doubt what the Lord is doing in and through it all. Love to you!

  3. I started to keep track of my favorites, but I was basically repeating the entire list. Friend, your wisdom…. whew. Thank you for sharing it so generously!!!

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