Celebrating Spring with a Mouth-Kiss, a Quatrain, and a Beautiful Give-Away

Before kids, I appreciated the coming of Spring but now…after kids…I pretty much want to give Spring a giant mouth-kiss!

Yes, you read that right…a mouth-kiss!

Because when you have endured the hours of indoor floor-play, the days of stir-crazy whining, the nights of germ-infested puke buckets, the weeks of winter coat battles, and the months of polar-arctic weather and survived without maiming any of your loved ones…well, that just deserves a celebratory mouth-kiss and maybe even a short quatrain.

[Humble Curtsy and Throat Clear]

Oh, Spring, how we adore thee!

How we mothers shout with glee!

Your tulips and your daisies,

Have saved us from the crazies!

[Sniffling Noses and Roaring Applause]

Aren’t you elated I spared you the sonnet and stuck with only a quatrain??? No one answer.


Spring is here and this mama is thrilled, so I wanted to celebrate the glory of Spring with some more cheerful beauty and introduce this month’s Shoppe Talk Give-Away!” 

Meet Terri and her lovely shoppe, EllaLou Boutique!

image (5)

Who are you?

I am a Starbucks-loving, cupcake-eating, stay-at-home mom to a wonderful baby girl. I am married to a wonderful man who leads me well and encourages all things creative in me. Most importantly, I am a follower of Christ who is thankful for a God who continuously pursues and loves me despite my failures!

What inspired your Etsy shoppe?

I started EllaLou Boutique as a fun, side hobby after my daughter was born. Originally, I was making pillows and sewing. But back in February of 2014, I suffered an early miscarriage and it took my husband and I several months to get pregnant again. During this time, I really used drawing and scripture to encourage and sustain me through the difficult time. As I continued to draw, I saw that it was also encouraging others, so I decided to change my shop from sewing to designing prints for friends and family! It’s been amazing to see how God has used these prints to encourage others, just as it did for me! My Etsy shop is named after my mom, “Betty LOU” (who always encouraged creativity) and my daughter, “Ella Kate.”

What do you enjoy most about the products you make?

I enjoy the ability to make custom prints for peoples’ homes and coming up with new designs but most importantly, I enjoy the TRUTH that can be seen through many of my prints. God’s words are life-sustaining, and it’s amazing to know that people are filling their homes with these sweet reminders of who HE is.

image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4)

In the past few months, what has been one of your favorite “uploaded memories” that you hope to tuck away and treasure forever?

As we anxiously await baby #2 in June, I am tucking away the precious time with my baby girl. I know that life will be great when our baby boy comes, but I am savoring the alone time with Ella. We’re enjoying our last few cupcake dates, ice cream runs, and sweet moments together before life makes a dramatic and awesome change!

Could you share a recent example of a time where you received a “downloading of grace” and how it blessed your heart?

As my pregnancy continues to near the end, my waistline is expanding and the scale is going up. I’ve been trying to remind myself of the huge blessing baby brother is but last week after changing for the 236th time, my precious girl comes in and says, “Mommy, you look like a princess.” Thankful that God chose to use this little comment to bring things into perspective.

What are you giving away?

A handmade, 8×10 print with the words, “Even so it is well with my soul.”


So how can you win this beauty?

In the comment section below, share a recent moment where you have embraced the sweetly-sung lyrics, “even so, it is well with my soul,” and on Friday at 4:00 PM (EST), I will randomly select a winner!

Oh, and don’t forget to click on over and check out Terri’s other lovely work at EllaLou Boutique

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Spring with a Mouth-Kiss, a Quatrain, and a Beautiful Give-Away

  1. Life has been full of transitions this past month and half. Having a baby, moving to a different state away from our great church and dear friends, and now about to start a new part-time job. There has been so many times where my heart has been overwhelmed with emotions (fear, doubt, frustration). I had a devotional recently that actually went through this hymn. Though life is not always easy and sometimes the mind wanders to what in the world God is doing, it is an awesome reminder that ALL is well with my soul because my soul and life belong to Him. As the hymn says ” though Satan should buffet, though trials should come…Christ has regarded my helpless estate, And hath shed His own blood for my soul.” The trials and fears become minute in comparison to the blessed gift that Christ has given His life for me.

  2. In the process of hospice coming in for my husbands Gma and these words I sung last night laying in bed wide awake

    Our thoughts help our peace of mind and happiness joy is not by circumstances but by what’s inside internally think about Jesus and his noble true lovely and just when we focus on him and his grace towards us that brings you joy and happiness and peace

    God wipes our tears from our eyes and gives us grace to move forward.

  3. Several things have been going on in my life lately – none of which I can say specifically – and I get overwhelmed and then get anxious and its a vicious cycle I always go through when I start to worry how things will work. Throughout the “freakout” I get reminded to just stop and pray and fully rely on God….ALL IS WELL. I remind myself this is God’s plan and I need to focus on Him. It is well…..in my soul….

  4. This winter has been a long, hard, and often lonely lesson to me of what it means for God to call me to marriage and motherhood. I wasn’t the girl growing up with dreams of marrying my Prince Charming and staying home with babies and “loving ever minute of it.” I wanted adventure, travel, ministry. But God took me by surprise, I fell in love with my wonderful husband at age 28 and God has blessed us with two kids and expecting the 3rd in July (all in 3 years). “Even so it is well with my soul” could be a daily reminder of dreams set aside for now and me learning to embrace this call to motherhood. It’s easy in the fun, joy-filled moments. But a winter like this one made it a daily battle. So looking forward to spring!!!

  5. Ladies, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your “even so, it is well with my soul” moments. Seriously, I will be praying for each of you as the Lord brings you to mind. Oh, and the winner of this month’s give-away is Annie!!

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