For Every Moment

I know I’m supposed to write about nice, happy stuff…like bathrooms that self-clean and Doritos that don’t stain your fingers and unicorns that fold laundry and always enjoying the moments with my always well-behaved son, but I just can’t.

It’s just not my reality.

Because bathrooms don’t self-clean and Doritos aren’t mess-free and unicorns aren’t real and sometimes…well, sometimes… I just really don’t like the moments with my misbehaving son Batman.

Like when I asked my son to brush his teeth, and he lost his mind and dove face-first onto the floor in a fit of rage.

Or when I told him to stop hitting the grocery cart and with defiant eyes, he hit the grocery cart again.

Or when he intentionally knocked a toy out of his sister’s hand and declared, “That’s mine!”

Or when I stopped playing to make dinner, and he shouted, “You NEVER play with me.”

Or when he threw himself on the floor because I wasn’t playing the way he wanted to play and shouted, “You make me really mad!”

Or when he didn’t listen to my instructions and dumped his lunch on the floor, hit my vase of flowers, and streaked blue marker across my nose.

Or when I took him out on a date (thinking a little one-on-one time with Mama would help his ‘tude), and he whined the entire time because I wouldn’t buy him a “Rootbeard.”

Or when I disciplined him, and he yelled, “You make my heart so angry!”

Or when I asked him to stop complaining, and he complained louder.

Or when I told him that he couldn’t have two sleeves of Pez in one sitting, and he stomped his feet and threw a royal hissy.

Or when I told him that I needed to do some chores and he exclaimed, “You just always ruin my day.”

Yea, like ALL those moments…in the past six months week.

And though I’ve never stopped loving Batman, I haven’t always liked every single moment of this past week.

Because the moments can be tough, troublesome, trying and downright tiring.

And truth be told, I haven’t always liked me in every one of those moments. 

I’ve responded to the tantrums with impatience.

I’ve responded to the tirades with frustration.

I’ve responded to the trials with anger.

I’ve responded to those teachable moments with a whole bunch of my own sin.

And though God has never stopped loving Batman or Batman’s Mommy, I’m not so sure He’s liked every single moment of our week either. 

But here’s what I do know…

He died for EVERY SINGLE ONE of these moments. 

He hung on the cross to redeem the tough moments.

He hung on the cross to reconcile the troublesome moments.

He hung on the cross to restore the trying moments.

He hung on the cross to revive the tiring moments.

And though I can’t say that I liked every moment of this past week, I can say with confidence, “Every moment He hung on the cross, He used to redeem, reconcile, restore, and revive every single moment that Batman and Batman’s Mommy will ever experience.” 

Christ suffered for our sins once for all time [and for every moment]. 1 Peter 3:18

Your life, Your death
Your blood was shed
For every moment
Every moment

-All Sons and Daughters, Christ Be All Around Me 


4 thoughts on “For Every Moment

  1. What a good reminder that we are loved in our best and worst moments. It reminds me of the old human, “Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus.”

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