23, 214 hours?!?!

Is it just me or does anyone else ask themselves as they head for the laundry room, “Didn’t I just finish 4 loads like 22 hours ago?”

Could it be possible that the Lord is working a modern-day miracle in our home and multiplying the 5 pairs of socks and the 2 pairs of pants and leaving me with 12 extra baskets of laundry???

Ai yi yi!!!

If that’s the case, I think I might need to kindly (and ever so humbly) ask the Lord to stick with the multiplying of food and make me some extra dinners!!!

But seriously…

A good chunk of my waking hours are spent gathering (We have more laundry baskets than people in this joint!), finding (I kid you not, I have found dirty clothes in my son’s trash can.) sorting (Why can’t these stinky things sort themselves?), stain-sticking (I really should buy stock in that stuff.), folding (Why do I even do this part?), and putting away (Okay, okay…well, sometimes I am guilty of just leaving them in their baskets.) the laundry.

And just because I’m slightly weird like this, I googled “average time spent doing laundry in a person’s life.” And guess what I found???

The average woman spends 23, 214 hours of their lifetime washing clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


That’s 967 days of doing laundry?!?!

That’s 138 weeks of doing laundry?!?!

That’s 2.6 years of doing laundry?!?!

Ummm…that’s a lot!

That’s like whoa!

That’s like big WHOA!!

That’s like nervous-break-down-whoa!!!

And as I’ve thought about this crazy, scary number over the past week, I was reminded of something my mother-in-law once told me.

“Jessica, I spent a lot of time doing laundry when my kids were growing up, so I used that time to sit at the feet of Jesus and pray.”

She shared those words with me B.K. (before kids), but I haven’t forgotten them.

So today, as I sit with another basket of laundry at my feet, I pray for the littles who wear these clothes.

Heavenly Father,  

seek their hearts and save their souls; 

direct their paths and meet their needs;  

sustain their bodies and protect their minds;  

guard their thoughts and cover their sins; 

comfort their fears and provide their friends; 

strengthen their faith and define their identity;   

overcome their obstacles and carry their hurts;  

preserve their joy and increase their strengths; 

bless their futures and prepare their mates; 

build their character and awaken their spirits; 

satisfy their longings and remove their doubts; 

establish their roots and grow their fruits; 

transform their priorities and illumine their ways; 

uphold their hope and expand their dreams; 

orchestrate their days and write their stories. 


Because if I’m going to spend 23, 214 hours of my life doing laundry, well…I want to storm His throne-room and make them count!


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