A Gift Card Give-Away

If there’s one thing I’m learning about this journey of being a follower of Christ, a wife, a mother, a counselor, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a neighbor, and a full-time dish-washer, laundry-folder, meal-maker, and toy pick-er-upper, it’s this…


I need accountability.

I need encouragement.

I need prayer.

I need heart-to-hearts and heads-to-heads.

I need feedback.

I need hugs.

I need fellowship.

I need direction.

I need “me-too” moments.

I need opportunities for growth.

I need conversation.

I need coffee and conversation.

I need “swift-kick-in-the-pants” moments.

I need reminders of TRUTH.


So, for this month’s “do-good” give-away, I am giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon!

For what?

Well, my intent is that the winner of this month’s give-away will use this gift card to buy yourself AND someone else a book.

What kind of book? 

My hope is that you would pick a book (a marriage book, a parenting book, a new book, an older book, a book of the Bible book, a great, big theology book, or even a teeny, tiny prayer book) that the Lord can use to grow your faith, strengthen your resolve to follow Him, and provide an opportunity for you to learn and grow alongside another believer.

Does that mean I need to find someone to read the book with me? 


A life-long friend, a struggling church member, your husband, a co-worker, a lonely soul, another tired mom, or a random neighbor that you want to know better.

So this will take some effort on my part, huh? 


Send an e-mail, pick a book, set a date, find a place, start reading, begin discussing, and be ready for the Lord to MOVE!!!

So should I decide I want to take on this challenge, how do I win this gift card give-away?

In the comment section below, share a blessing from this week, and on Friday afternoon (4:00 PM EST), I will randomly choose a winner!

Oh, and if you don’t win…why not try this challenge with your own 25 bucks?? You really can’t lose!


15 thoughts on “A Gift Card Give-Away

  1. In the midst of a stressful week of lots of work, Jenna gave up 3 of her morning study times so I could get caught up and prepared for a rather busy next 10 days. My wife is awesome and selfless.

    P.S. This is my kind a give-away! 😉

  2. A blessing this week was being able to help out my friend at her business and just be able to chat and catch up a bit with her. (I was actually off work)

  3. I am blessed to have The Lord reveal to me through His Word, other books and friends that there are areas of my heart that need work. Not fun, but can’t imagine going through life without opportunities in Christ for growth.

  4. Your blog is a blessing to me! I love reading what you write! 🙂 I am amazed and humbled by your generosity with all of these giveaways! Holy cow! A special blessing that I had this week was we had a family date night at a frozen yogurt place where we got to add whatever toppings we wanted!! So fun! 🙂

  5. Our adopted son, Malachi, had his check-up at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and has improved so much since coming home with us that all his “labels” (small-stature, gross motor delays, etc.) have been removed by the doctors! We are so blessed by Malachi (and our girls!)!

  6. Hey guys! Thanks for sharing your blessings from this week–makes my heart happy! The winner of this month’s “do-good” give-away was Justin!! I PROMISE there was no rigging; I used an online randomizer!!

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