Our Freak Show

Ever met a ravenous 18 pound mammal that becomes downright angry, moderately hysterical, and slightly manic when they have to wait more than 1.8 seconds for their food?

Oh, you haven’t? 

WELL THEN…you really ought to come visit our freak-show.

Meal Times

Starring Evie Buczek

Daily performances at 7, 12, and 5 

Free Admission 

For real folks, it’s a little bit mind-blowing and a whole lot of scary.

Our 11 month-old daughter is an absolute basket case when she doesn’t receive her food quickly (like in under 1.8 seconds) and though we all still have our 10 digits in tact, I can’t be assured of what tomorrow’s performances will bring. Seriously, we should probably be sporting rubber gloves and have Urgent Care on speed dial; this little sister is serious about her food.

Goodness gracious! If this behavior continues, Daddy Don might not have to worry about a first date after all and certainly not a second!

All joking aside (at least for this sentence), meal times with our daughter can be fairly stressful and slightly exasperating. In fact, there are many meal times when not only do I feel like serving up a small serving of my torn-out hair and gouged eyes, but I also feel like I’ve run a marathon in my teeny-tiny, itty-bitty kitchen (HOW is that even possible???).

True to form, her antics were no different a couple of mornings ago.

I wasn’t moving fast enough, and she had her diaper in a twist.

I had scattered some Cheerios in front of her (hoping that the O’s would stave off her hunger pangs and keep her from waking her brother) but as I dashed for the kitchen to whip up a breakfast smoothie, she started to wail! Those O’s were hardly magical.

As I worked furiously, alligator-sized tears streamed down her angry, red cheeks.


And as I was scrounging for the fruit, dumping the veggies, scooping the yogurt, and pouring the juice, the following questions flooded my “groggy-not-so-ready-to-face-the-morning-freak-show” brain:

Have I ever not fed her?!?

Does she not remember all the meals I’ve made for her?!?

Has she ever gone hungry before?!? 

When has she ever been deprived of a single meal?!?

And as I answered, “No,” to all of my internal, rhetorical questions, I found myself asking myself a similar set of questions.

Has He ever not taken care of me?!? 

Do I always remember the many ways He has faithfully provided for me?!?

Has He ever left me hanging?!? 

Am I really that different from my inpatient, irritable, down-right indignant daughter as I wait?!? 

No, no, no, and no.

And as I finished blending that breakfast smoothie and meeting the needs of that hungry, doubting soul, I couldn’t help but wonder at what God thinks as He watches my own, daily freak-show.

Child, don’t you remember that I promised to supply your every need? (Philippians 4:19)

Why are you so anxious about what you need? Don’t you know that I already know what you need? (Matthew 6:31-32)

I take care of the birds who have less value than you. Why wouldn’t I meet your needs? (Luke 12:24)

If you (being a sinner) knows how to care for your children, why wouldn’t I (the sinless Savior) care for you? Matthew 7:11

Jessica, like Evie, you (too) forget that I see your every need, know your every need, care about your every need, and will provide for your every need. And though I may not be moving as fast as you would like, that doesn’t mean that I am not moving.

Oh, heart of mine…wait patiently and forget not!

(Proof that this happens almost every morning: This picture was taken this morning!!)


2 thoughts on “Our Freak Show

  1. I think this is the first picture I have seen of her not smiling! Hang on for the ride….this will be interesting! And again good insight into “grown-up” behaviors…..I must admit I am guilty of fussing when God doesn’t respond according to my time table.

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