A SOAP, HOPE Give-Away

“But Mommy… I can’t get a bath tonight. I don’t want my Spider Man webs to get all messed up!”

“…but Super Hero’s don’t get baths.”

“I’m a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and my shell is way too big for the tub!”

“But I got one the last day…”

Suffice to say, our stinky Super Hero has a plethora of excuses for avoiding a good scrub these days.

He’s got BIG PLANS, and a bath (in his words) is just “wastin’ his time.”

To our Super Hero, the blessing of a bath doesn’t really feel like a blessing.

He doesn’t know what it’s like to not have safe, running water, clean towels, or a bar of fresh, new soap…and neither do I.

I have safe water, and I can access it whenever I choose.

I have a shower, and I can take one whenever I want.

I have towels, and I can wash them whenever I need.

I have soap, and I can buy it whenever I run out.


But so many others don’t have what I have and don’t have what we so easily take for granted.

So, for this month’s “do-good-give-away,” I am going to be giving away hope…in the form of SOAP!

Let me introduce you to SOAPBOX!

SOAPBOX is a company that is using their soap “to improve the world.”

In two, short years, they have internationally donated their soap to 11 countries (4 continents in total) and have also donated to those struggling in local homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and nursing homes across America.

So how do they do it?

1 bar of soap bought = 1 bar of donated soap for someone in need

1 bottle of liquid soap bought = 1 month of donated water for someone in need

1 bottle of body wash bought = 1 year of vitamins donated for someone in need

So what am I giving away this month? 

Well, to someone in need, I am giving away 1 bar of soap, 1 month of water, and 1 year of vitamins!!!

And for one of you, lovely readers, I will be giving away 1 bar of soap, 1 bottle of liquid soap, and 1 bottle of body wash (your choice)!

So how can you win? 

In the comment section below, share a blessing that you HAVE that you often take for granted and on Wednesday morning, I will choose a random winner!

Oh, and if you don’t win on Wednesday, check out SOAPBOX and look for ways that YOU, too, can donate to those in need. 


11 thoughts on “A SOAP, HOPE Give-Away

  1. As I watched people in the path of the pending storm coming to the East Coast all scrambling to the grocery store to get “milk and bread”, I was struck by the fact that most of us could live for WEEKS out of what is in our pantry … and yet we take that for granted and in “panic” go buy more. ….there are many people, all over the world, AND right down the street, who legitimately are not sure where the next meal will come from. … we have so much more then we realize.

  2. Our well went dry in Sept/Oct (its been so long I forgot). I am one that took water for granted (along with electricity and our propane for heat -recently had to repair the furnace… When it rains it pours, right?). We are fortunate enough to have 2 large cisterns so we have been ordering water each month and using it sparingly.

    We have been blessed by my sister in law who welcomes us into her home each week to do laundry so we can order less water and not sit in a laundromat.

    I think the bonus of special time with her favorite niece helps. 🙂

    I thank God daily now for the little things we all overlook!!

  3. As a single mom I try and thank God every night for providing my home (I bought my first home in April 2014 by God’s wonderdful Grace) for my son and I. We have a roof over our heads and heat. It’s been pretty cold lately and during our nightly prayers together, we make sure to thank God for our home, the warm it provides, and it’s safety. I never want my son to take those things for granted. The Lord as been good to us and we will continue to give Him the thanks for them.

  4. I have the freedom to go to church whenever I choose. And as I type that it’s sounds very pitiful…whenever I CHOOSE 😦 If I want to go to Tuesday morning Bible study, I can. If I want to go to a Wednesday night study, I can. If I want to go to Sunday School or Sunday morning worship, I can. If I don’t want to, I just don’t go. To think that there are others WANT to go to a church service of any kind but can’t. They have to do it underground, in the middle of the night, hiding their Bibles (if they even have one), all while knowing the risk of being caught-DEATH. Thank you for your words of wisdom and helping us see what we have in life, Jess!!!

  5. oh my, where do I begin? I am very thankful for the good health God has given to Kyle, myself, and our kids. We have no idea what it’s like to live with with a chronic, debilitating disease. We SO often take our health and energy for granted.

  6. Heat and warm clothes. It’s been in the negatives here lately, and I haven’t suffered much because of it. We can turn the heat up until we are comfortable and wear our warm long johns, coats, boots, mittens, hats and turtle furs and not worry about frostbite when were outside or surviving the night. There are people here, and across the world who don’t have those luxuries.

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