A Snowy Give-Away

It’s snowing…

It’s blowing…

It’s time for some winter clothing! 

It’s chilly…

It’s windy…

It’s time for a warm Infinity! 

And THAT winter readers, is my introduction for this month’s Shoppe-Talk Give-Away!

So without further ado, and before I start a new rhyme about a fire glow and a warm cup of Joe, let me introduce you to Joni.

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Who are you?

I am a Christian, a wife, a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful, little girl, a gardener, and a lover of all things artsy and crafty.

What inspired your shoppe?

Love Stitched is my way of sharing my love for crocheting, sewing, and anything stitched with others.  I learned to crochet, sew, and cross-stitch at a very young age from both my mother and grandmother.  I think of my grandmother each time I crochet and wish I could share it with her. Love Stitched is also my outlet from the busyness of life.

To check out more of Joni’s beautiful work, click HERE and “like” her Facebook page!

What do you enjoy most about the products you make?

The memories I have of crocheting with my grandma and mom and now watching my daughter pretend to crochet.

In the past few months, what has been one of your favorite “uploaded memories” that you hope to tuck away and treasure forever?

Every day holds a favorite with my daughter. Watching her play outside, mimic my husband and I, snuggle with daddy, love her grandparents, and seeing her huge heart are all memories I’m enjoying right now.  She blesses me each day and reminds me to be simple.

Could you share a recent example of a time where you received a “downloading of grace” and how it blessed your heart?

My daughter, though only 2 1/2, blesses me constantly!

What are you giving away? 

A creme infinity scarf! They are warm, comfy, and perfect for this time of year!


So how can you win this comfy, cozy scarf that will match EVERYTHING? 

In the comment section below, share one item that’s on your “Winter Bucket List” (i.e. something you want to do this winter or enjoy doing every winter) and on Saturday morning, I will choose a random winner!

Until next month’s Shoppe-Talk Give-Away…Be Blessed and Stay Warm!

11 thoughts on “A Snowy Give-Away

  1. Super pretty!

    I want to take my beasties on a sled ride! Also, there are old trains parked at a historic train station in our town and I want to get some snowy pictures of the kids climbing on them!

  2. Start having an earlier bedtime! It’s dark out, so why am I up until 11 or 12 every night when I’m pregnant and taking care of a 9-mo-old?!

  3. Ive been ill for 3 months and havent been able to get out except for dr. appt. My wish is to get out and have fun and that scarf would keep me warm.

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