8 Christmas Fantasies and 1 Perfect Reality

1. The Picture Fantasy

Everyone in your family will get all gussied up in coordinating, super-cute outfits, look in the camera’s direction, and then simultaneously smile on “three!” These perfect pictures that were taken in the perfect spot with the perfect lighting are taken in under 30 minutes. In less than a week, you will be lovingly sending these perfect cards (a week early) to all of your family and friends who just can’t wait to see your uber-adorable annual card that they will hang front and center on their fridge. There will be no snotty noses, no bad attitudes, and no regrets…none.

2. The Decorating the Tree Fantasy

Everyone in your family has been waiting since July to put up the family tree (because they love it that much), so they are thrilled to spend part of their evening untangling lights and securing small hooks to fragile ornaments. Everyone is patient with one another; every light works; and there are no bare spots on the tree. It’s truly a perfect time for a family picture, but oh wait…you’ve already sent that card out! There is no yelling, no whining, no tears, and absolutely no broken ornaments….none.

3. The Baking Cookies Fantasy

Everyone in your family will gather ’round the clean, all-ready-to-bake counter top with their sleeves rolled, their smiles on, and their helping hands ready. There will be no complaining, no coercing, and no breakdowns. The cookies will roll-out perfectly, bake perfectly, and be iced perfectly. No snowmen will lose their hats; no angels will lose their wings; and every gingerbread man will have all their limbs. Oh, and absolutely no one will spill an entire bottle of sprinkles…no one.

4. The Buying Presents Fantasy

Everyone in your family will happily be loaded into the car for a day-long shopping trip and everyone will be thrilled about buying presents for everyone else! And since they will be so elated about this giving adventure, they will happily be paraded from store to store to find the best deal and the best gift for everyone else. There will be no meltdowns, no fallen lollipops, no emergency bowel movements, and no jumping from the cart into the racks of toys. It will be perfect…pure bliss.

5. The Wrapping Gifts Fantasy

Everyone in your family will still be on a high about buying gifts for everyone else, so they will all be thrilled to sit quietly around the tree with scissors, tape, and beautiful wrapping paper. The gifts will all be perfectly square and easy to wrap; all of the ribbons, tags, and paper will perfectly match; and it will only take two hours. Absolutely no one will want to open a toy that is for someone else and absolutely no one will even think of ripping all the tape off the roll…no one.

6. The Christmas Lights Fantasy

Everyone in your family will be pumped about being shuffled into the car one evening after dinner and buckled into their cozy seat. While you drive up and down the streets to view the lovely sights, everyone will be able to see the lights from where they are calmly sitting. Everyone will “ooh” and “ahh” over all the lights and an hour later, everyone will tumble out of your fun-mobile and be so thankful for such a delightful, Christmas experience. No one will need a snack, extra entertainment, or a tissue you don’t have. It will be perfect. Oh, and no one will have to threaten, “I will pull this car over”…no one.

7. The Festive Craft Fantasy

Everyone in your family loves to craft as much as you do, and they enjoy making special keepsake ornaments as much as you do. So, they are super psyched when you pull up Pinterest, share the vision, and then ask each of them to partake in the gluing, painting, and sparkling of each step. Since they love to craft, they won’t ask any questions or put up any fights, and they certainly won’t question how long the project will take. The crafting process will be perfect! There will be no unforeseen glitches, no extra trips to the local crafting store, no confusion over the directions, and no one will leave the table with a hot-glue-gun-burn…no one.

8. The Christmas Road Trip Fantasy

Everyone in your family loves long road trips, but you already know that because everyone loved driving around town to look at the Christmas lights for one, short hour. Since they love being in the car, they will be super excited when they hear that they’ll be in the car for 9 hours! They won’t care about the traffic, the boring view, or being strapped in a small seat with buckles, so they will probably nap most of the trip until they awake two minutes before you reach your destination. If for some reason they are unable to nap, they will be easily entertained and have controlled bladders. The trip will be perfect! Time will fly; memories will be made; and no one will have a blowout…no one.

But wait a minute!

Aren’t fantasies just that? Fantasies!?

Imaginative dreaming and whimsical thinking where perfect is a long-lost dream and imperfect a close-found reality?

Yep. Sounds about right for this family and home.

And you know what?

That’s okay.

Because Christmas isn’t about taking perfect pictures, decorating a perfect tree, wrapping perfect presents, baking perfect cookies, making perfect crafts, or having perfect Christmas memories.

No, it’s not about any of those fantasies at all.

It’s about a perfect Savior who entered this imperfect world to save His imperfect people from all their imperfect attempts to find and create perfection outside of Him. 

A Baby, a Savior, a King, and Redeemer…now that is what Christmas is really about.


2 thoughts on “8 Christmas Fantasies and 1 Perfect Reality

  1. haha! love the sarcasm here. 🙂 We still have a perfect reason to celebrate Christmas even with all the imperfect traditions we try to keep!

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