A Christmas Give-Away

In September, I ranted about the spelling of “shoppe,” gushed about my love for all things cute, creative, and charming, and acquainted you with the second type of give-away I will be offering on my blog. If you don’t remember, no worries…you’re all caught up!

So…let’s celebrate the festivities of the season by showcasing another creative soul and her Christmas give-away!

Meet, Danielle and her shoppe, Cakes and Crafts Couture!

Who are you?

I am a wife, mother of twin girls, believer, and lover of all things creative and crafty.


What inspired your Etsy shop?

Cakes and Crafts Couture is a way for me to express myself! I love graphic design, photography, and pretty much anything that has to do with crafts!

What do you enjoy most about the products you make?

I love being inspired by others and the beautiful photos of their family. Turning those beautiful pictures into customized cards and invitations for them to share with their friends and family, is what I most enjoy!


In the past few months, what has been one of your favorite “uploaded memories” that you hope to tuck away and treasure forever?

My beautiful twin daughters recently turned ONE! Celebrating these little lives and how far they’ve come has definitely been a recent moment where I (along with our friends and family) have “uploaded memories.”

Could you share a recent example of a time where you received a “downloading of grace” and how it blessed your heart?

As I was sitting in my room the other night, thanking God for all that He has given me, I realized that my daughters are one of the many miracles He has given me. The girls were born 2 1/2 months early, so we had our fair-share of scary moments, but with lots of prayers, they have grown into beautiful, little girls that make me smile each day.

What are you giving away? 

I am giving away 20 Custom Designed and Printed Holiday Cards!


So how can you win this month’s SHOPPE GIVE-AWAY? 

It’s simple as pumpkin pie!

In the comment section below, share your favorite holiday food to eat, and I will pick ONE, random winner on Wednesday at 10:00 AM! 

Oh, and if you don’t win but would like more information on Danielle’s card pricing (cheaper than the other customized card sites out there) and all the other adorable things she makes and sells, visit her Facebook page: Cakes and Crafts Couture

9 thoughts on “A Christmas Give-Away

  1. Ohh I do love them all but it’s got to be my mom’s cranberry salad! delish! but this year I’m making the green bean casserole and the corn bread pudding which are two runners up! (So sorry to end that with a preposition, hehe!)

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