A Heart-Warming Cause and a Happy Give-Away

It’s November, and it’s time for another “do-good-give-away!” 

So…since November can be a pretty cold, dreary month here in the Midwest, I wanted to highlight a cause that not only warms the heart, but a cause that changes lives.


On November 2nd of this month, many churches around the world recognized Orphan Sunday.

On November 22nd of this month, many families will celebrate National Adoption Day.

On November 27th of this month, many believers will praise God for their adoption into His family on Thanksgiving Day.

All over the world, children are eagerly awaiting new homes and forever families. 

All over the world, families are eagerly awaiting dear children and little souls.

All over the world, God is eagerly welcoming new souls into His forever home.

Adoption is happening all around us and all the time, and it’s a BIG DEAL!

But why is it a big deal? Well, because it’s a BIG DEAL to God.

God cares about fatherless children, and He HEARS them. 

“You are the helper of the fatherless. Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear, to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, That the man of the earth may oppress no more.” -Psalm 10: 14, 7-18

God cares about growing families, and He HELPS them.  

“Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me.” – Matthew 18:5

God cares about lost souls, and He offers HOPE to them.  

“And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.” -2 Corinthians 6:18 

God CARES about adoption!! 

So, in honor of Adoption and the special adoption events of November, I am going to use this month’s give-away to support a friend from my college days who is currently in the process of adopting!

To help support her and her attempts to raise money for the child she desires to adopt, I am going to give away TWO, $25 gift certificates to two, randomly selected readers to use on my friend’s, Trades of Hope, website. Not only does this website help others in need (as you can read about on the TOH website), but a portion of the funds will also go to my friend and her adoption fund! 

Should you win, there are a TON of gifts for you to choose from (jewelry, scarves, decor, stationery, and MORE), so click HERE to view your options!

All you need to do is share why adoption is important to YOU in the comment section below, and I will choose TWO, randomly selected winners on Monday, November 17th!


11 thoughts on “A Heart-Warming Cause and a Happy Give-Away

  1. First, adoption is special to me because God willingly and joyfully adopted me into His family through Jesus Christ, my kinsman redeemer. Second, adoption in an earthly manner is precious both to the adopter and adoptee. What a beautiful picture of God’s love for us! Fantastic post, by the way. Thank you for surrendering your gifts to the Lord for Him to use!

  2. This is by far my favorite entry of yours thus far!
    David and I were approved to adopt from Russia before Putin closed their international adoptions. Heart breaking! Now we’re waiting to see what God says. As I give my children their vitamins and brush their tiny teeth I think about what little person I may have called mine and I wonder if they’ve ever received a multivitamin or had a bed time story read to them. I miss that little stranger that I never got to hold. Praying for God’s guidance! Thanks for spreading awareness and for supporting your friend! !

  3. Adoption is special to me because it was one of God’s greatest gifts he has given me! God chose me to be the mother of a wonderful little boy who I did not carry in my own womb, but was created specifically for me. When he chose me to be Langdon’s mom, he started our family. And for that I will forever be grateful. Adoption has truely blessed me!

  4. Adoption is such a neat and sacrificial way of living out the Gospel!! I’m thankful that God adopted me into His forever family, even though I never deserved it in the least bit.

  5. It is through adoption that our precious son, Camden, joined our family. Worth every bit of the wait! It is also through the adoption process that I have been reminded of God’s faithfulness time and time again.

  6. This is a topic that God has been speaking to me about for quite some time. First, my Mom was adopted by my grandpa when she was little. Secondly, I have always had a heart for adoption, but I am still praying about what this means for our family. It’s one of those things that God has been speaking to me about in various random ways…perhaps contemplating how to respond to this question is yet another way…
    So, currently we are praying about how God wants us to be involved in adoption and for the little ones He is laying on hearts of people all around the world.

  7. Hey girls! Thanks for sharing what adoption means to each of you; I was so blessed and encouraged by reading your comments! I also know better how to pray for some of you as the Lord brings you to mind! The winners this month are…Ashley Staples and Tricia Walker!!

  8. Great post! Adoption is the closest cause to my heart. There was never a second thought or hesitation. I knew God called me to be a foster parent when I was only 10. I am so thankful he chose Brody to be my son.

  9. I missed the giveaway, but I don’t care. I really wanted to comment. I was going to say that adoption is special to me because of one word, and that word was going to be Hannah.

    But really, that word is Irma, the woman who loved her child so powerfully and consumingly that she willingly let her be loved and sheltered by someone an ocean away. She took her opportunities for snuggles, kisses, cuddles, consoling words, tickle fights, hair brushings, bedtime stories, mealtime conversations, and precious moments to pass on life lessons… and gave them all to a woman she’d never meet to enjoy with HER OWN CHILD. To think of it brings a powerful ache to my heart and a huge well of tears to my eyes. I know the privilege, the remarkable gift, of knowing and loving this little girl and talking to her anytime I want. I cannot imagine willingly giving that up… except that I hope that if that what was best for Hannah, I hope I would love her half as much and as unselfishly as her birth mother did.

    Of course, having this experience play out so life-changingly in my own family helps me appreciate my adoption into the family of God in a new and deeper way, too.

    Thanks for this post and for helping another family experience the indescribable gift of loving a child and living in gratitude to the parents who made the choice to let other parents love them up close while they love them from afar.

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