An Impatient Mama, A Convicting Voice, and A Wise ‘Ol Snail

Caden is a nice enough name but after Tuesday, I’m kind of wondering if we gave him the wrong name.

Though “I-hate-transitions Buczek” and “Need-my-space Buczek” would both suit our little guy, I’m kind of thinking that “Conviction Buczek” might be the best fit. In fact, maybe Don and I need to have a serious chat.

OH. MY. WORD. If Caden thought his last name was a doozy, he might as well kiss his chances for a girl and a job goodbye with names like that. On second thought, maybe we should keep this name-changing power in our back pockets just in case middle-school proves to be unbearable. MUAH-HAHAHA!


Let’s rewind to Tuesday afternoon, so I can explain where my doubts about his birth name began.

With just enough time to return our library books and pick out new ones before story time started, we whipped into the library parking lot. Since it was raining rabbits and rhinos, I wanted to park as close as possible. Without the rain, it’s already quite the accomplishment to make it to the library doors in one piece while attempting to hold the hand of a jumping toddler AND juggle a car seat, a diaper bag, and a tote of awkward-sized books. With the rain, well…that’s just pretty much AMAZING.

As I scanned up and down the closest row of parking spots, I found they were all taken.

Cue: A “first-world-problem-that-feels-like-the-end-of-the-world” sigh.

But alas, just as I was ready to “haul car” to the second row of parking spots, I spotted a man coming from the library.

Cue: “Parking-stalker” eyes.

SCORE!! He was getting into his giant SUV in the FIRST row!

Cue: “Yeah-for-an-extra-BIG-parking-space-CLOSE-to-the-building” interpretive mind dance.

Thinking he would get in his large vehicle and quickly exit, I inched my little Cavalier forward and put on my turn signal.

But there was no movement.

Three, blessed minutes passed before the tail lights even came on, giving me a small glimmer of hope that this parking spot could soon be mine, but still…nothing happened.

With an exasperated huff, I said, “Come on person! Let’s go! Get in your car and drive!”

Not even a second after those words left my lips, a little voice behind my seat began singing, “Be patient…be patient…don’t be in such a hurry…” 

Is he seriously singing notes of conviction? Unreal! Who birthed this kid? 

Sheepishly, I managed to say, “You’re right, buddy. Mommy isn’t being very patient.”

Within seconds, the SUV began to pull out.


As I pulled into the spot, scarfing all the asphalt I could, that sweet voice from the backseat piped up again.

“Thank you person for moving your car.” 

Are you serious? Seconds ago, he was encouraging patience and now he’s modeling THANKFULNESS!?! I’ve heard of “backseat drivers” but never “backseat convictors!” 

I took the keys from the ignition, turned to face my little boy, and said, “Buddy, you’re right. Not only is Mommy being impatient, but I’m also not being very thankful that we finally got a spot.”

Even after we returned our books, selected new ones, stopped to do a germ-infested puzzle, AND secured a name tag for story time, we STILL had two minutes to spare.

Was that wait as long as you thought it was? Was that close parking spot worthy of all that huffing and puffing, Jessica? Is your convenience and agenda SO important that you are willing to throw patience and thankfulness right out the window when things get hard and don’t go your way? Geez…maybe someone should change YOUR name to “Short-Fuse Buczek!!” 

Cue: Humbled sigh…

Since our former sitter was the one who taught Caden this song, I decided to look up the rest of the lyrics to the “Be Patient” song during nap time that afternoon. I found that Herbert the Snail had another good word for my soul.

“Have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurry.
When you get impatient, you only start to worry.
Remember, remember, that God is patient too
and think of all the times when others had to wait for you.”

Herbert the Snail, you’re a wise ‘ol snail.

The patience I’ve received throughout my life has been IMMENSE. 

But you, O God, are both tender and kind, not easily angered, immense in love, and you never, never quit.” -Psalm 86:15 (MSG)


4 thoughts on “An Impatient Mama, A Convicting Voice, and A Wise ‘Ol Snail

  1. When it rains….I always used to tell the kids “let’s run between the rain drops!” Love your story here…..sang that song to myself many a time…from the Music Machine, I think!

  2. great words for me to hear… as I have a bad history of being late and making ppl wait on me! Caden is quite the wise 3 yr old!! (He’s got a great set of parents teaching him!)

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