A “Happy Bookday” Give-Away

When I was young, birthdays were all about getting and receiving. And even though that is still fun (this birthday girl won’t lie), there are few things that bring me more joy than giving gifts to others. So on this 31st birthday, I wanted to bring a really big smile to my face by doing this month’s “do good” give-away on my birthday.

So what is this birthday girl giving away?


Go ahead and imagine the smile on this girl’s face; it just tripled in size.

Since I can remember, books have been some of my favorite friends.

In fact…

I was the little girl who hoarded my books and made excuses for why I couldn’t “loan them” to friends. Crinkling the corners, tearing the cover, and staining the pages were an absolute fear for this obsessive soul.

I was the little girl who was always requesting book store gift certificates (those plastic cards weren’t around then….sigh, I’m 31) for my birthday and then labored in the aisles over which books to buy.

I was the little girl who faithfully participated in ALL of the Pizza Hut “Book-It” programs and proudly wore the over-sized pins on my over-sized Starter jacket (whoa, throwback). Oh, and I was the weirdo who did it for the reading pleasure, not for the pizza.

I was the little girl who kept meticulous collections of books on my shelves, lining their spines in a perfect row according to height. The Babysitter Club, Janette Oakes, Lurlene McDaniel, The Boxcar Children, The Saddle Club, Beverly Cleary, and The American Girl books (before the expensive stores existed) were just a few of my favorite collections. Much to the displeasure of my husband, these collections are still carefully stowed in our basement.

I was the little girl in the backseat of the minivan who had my nose in a book, devouring as many pages as my little eyes could read before arriving to our destination.

I was also the little girl who compulsively sniffed the pages of the book with each turn…oh wait, I’m STILL doing that!

And though I no longer wear over-sized “Book-It” pins or have shelves of neatly lined books (mainly because I can’t handle the thought of making time to dust them all), I do have a tidy, dust-free Shelfari website that safely stores the titles I’ve read. If you ask me, it’s been a lovely compromise for this book lover’s busy soul.

But before I get any more carried away with my walk down book-lane, let me introduce you to BetterWorldBooks!

“For every book purchased on BetterWorldBooks.com, the company donates one book to Books for Africa and Feed the Children, two incredible organizations that BWB has supported since its inception. Last year alone, BWB helped Books for Africa send 1.9 million books to 23 African countries and has donated over 14 million books all over the world.”

The mission of this company is near and dear to my heart for a couple of reasons.

Not only is this company promoting literacy around the world (cue: pulled heartstrings of former English teacher), but they are also donating books to promote literacy in Africa (cue: pulled heartstrings of a sister whose brother, sister-in-love, and two nieces are headed to Africa as missionaries). 

So…to help me celebrate a new year, I thought I’d say “au revoir” to 30 and give away one, $30 gift certificate (hooray, this site calls them “certificates”) to one of you to spend at BeterWorldBooks.

What do you have to do to win?

In the comment section below, add to my birthday delight by sharing the title of a favorite book you have recently read (adding to my ever-growing book list). I will then randomly select a winner at 10:41 PM tonight, the time of my birth 31 years ago! 

Oh, and look! While writing this post earlier in the week, a dear friend sent me an early birthday gift to celebrate…go figure…more BOOKS for this happy girl!!


21 thoughts on “A “Happy Bookday” Give-Away

  1. Happy birthday! I’m currently reading “All the Light We Cannot See” and really really enjoying it! I also have enjoyed the Pete the Cat books, but that’s more for C’s entertainment than mine 🙂 I’m a sucker for good kids’ books, though–glad to have an excuse to indulge 😉

  2. Love it and you! In light of your goal for this giveaway, my recent reading is a dissertation in book form called, “Re-imagining African Christologies: Conversing with the Interpretation​s and Appropriations of Jesus in Contemporary African Christianity” by Victor Ezigbo. Please don’t roll your eyes after reading this! 😉

  3. Happy birthday! I hope it’s a wonderful day with CAKE! 🙂
    current favs: “dinosaurs love tacos” for my boy, “the bell jar” for mommy, and “six ways to keep the little in your girl”and”six ways to keep the good in your boy” for real life!

  4. Happy Birthday! What a great idea. I too have always loved books and now it’s all about children’s books. I love “Click Clack Moo” by Doreen Cronin. It is just a cute and funny tale about a frustrated farmer and his typing cows. We also really love the bear series by Karma Wilson.

  5. First, dear friend, happy birthday! May you feel as loved today as you make others in your life feel! Secondly, Lurlene McDaniel AND Janette Oakes? I KNEW we were kindred spirits! Third, a book I am starting is “Gone Girl.” I’m very excited to have a page-turner to dive into, and so far, it’s kept my interest!

  6. Love it and you! In sticking with the goal of the post, I’m currently reading, “Re-imagining African Christologies: Conversing with the Interpretation​s and Appropriations of Jesus in Contemporary African Christianity” by Victor Ezigbo. Don’t roll your eyes… 😉 Anywho… thanks for passing on to me your passion for reading, which is really a passion for learning!

  7. Happy Birthday! My brother-in-law is having us all send his wife a favorite book for her birthday (which is next week). I really enjoyed The Help and will be sending it to her for her birthday!

  8. I can personally attest as your mother that all you have shared above is true- every WORD! So glad we share the love of reading and that you give me so many good suggestions and therefore am reading The Language of Flowers. How will I ever remember all those meanings?
    Love you & your giving heart!

  9. Happy Birthday, Jessica! I just finished reading “When the Emperor was Divine,” a book about the lives of Japanese Americans during World War II. It is a short read, but very insightful 🙂

  10. LOVE! I was the child that “hid” under the covers with a flashlight reading some of those very same books after the official “lights out” command from mom and dad 🙂 Happy Birthday to a very sweet lady. God has surely given you the gift of writing, and I’m thoroughly enjoying reaping the benefits. The last book I read was “If I were a Cow” to my sweet Ellie, but I’m sure that doesn’t count. So the last adult book I read was “Sweet Sleep” by Le Leche League as I gather ideas for getting this momma more sleep 😉

  11. Happy birthday, dear friend! We started off the school year Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, which is always a student favorite. However, I just read Love Does by Bobb Goff. Super fun and fascinating read on how God has moved in his life when he just let’s love DO. (His stories are unbelievable!) Very inspirational and has me praying and thinking about our family, our passions, and what God is calling us to.

  12. When I was little I read the Christy Miller Series (Tween Christian romance at its best) Now I love Dennis Lehane books but his best by far is “The Given Day”. Amazing!!

  13. I am currently reading 1 Thessalonians as Im working through the “Children of the Day” workbook by Beth Moore. How cool that you’re giving away one of your favorite things on your birthday 🙂

  14. You are so thoughtful, birthday girl. What a great idea! I think you might know a couple books I recently read… 😉 but Together: Growing Appetites for God was another I recently finished and enjoyed. (Not necessarily a “favorite”; it’s a very simple, fast read, but gives a challenging and practical idea of how to pass a love for God’s Word along to your kids)

  15. Oh goodness! I have LOVED reading all of your comments!!! Thanks for sharing your book memories, your current titles, and your favorite reads! Kristen O’Connor was this month’s random winner!! Love to you all!

  16. Happy Birthday girlie (yesterday)! 🙂 In terms of a Christian parenting book, I’ve found _You Can’t Make Me but I Can be Persuaded_ by Cynthia Tobias to be very helpful. Cheers 🙂

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