Never Went Nakey

In the middle of Evie girl’s room, I sat cross-legged between piles.

A pile of leggings.

A pile of pants.

A pile of short-sleeved onesies.

A pile of long-sleeved onesies.

A pile of tops.

A pile of dresses.

A pile of cotton jammies.

A pile of footed jammies.

A pile of jackets.

A pile of tights.

A pile of holiday wear.

A pile of snow gear.

Oh, and even a pile of matchy-matchy sweat suits.

To my right, to my front, to my left, and to my back…there were piles of clothes EVERYWHERE!

And as I sat there sorting the piles of clothes and taking inventory, I also sat there with a pile of fretting questions.

“Does she have enough pants?”

“Should I buy some more long-sleeved tops?”

“Will that be enough jammies for the winter?”

“Do I need to get some more clothes that can be layered?”

“Are there enough sets of clothes that match?”

“Could she use some more tights to go under her dresses?”

And as I worried about having enough and needing more, conviction came bounding up the stairs.

Wearing only his undies and a pair of socks, he bounded into the room, tripped over several piles, and exclaimed, “WHOA, Mommy! That’s a lot of clothes! There’s too many clothes in here; I can’t even walk!

Before I could even process his words, I promised him a snack and shooed him away.

Picking up the toppled piles, his innocent observations replayed in my head.

While I was anxious about not having enough, he was seeing too many.

Where I was concerned about needing more, he was seeing a lot.

In the midst of those piles, my eyes saw need and his eyes saw abundance. 

So whose eyes heart had the problem?

Mine did.

As I scanned the piles encircling me, the following thought overwhelmed the eyes of my heart:

“Jessica, not only are there PILES of clothes here, but you didn’t buy a single piece of clothing that is sitting in any of these PILES.”

It was true; I hadn’t.

I hadn’t purchased any of the pants. I hadn’t shopped for any of the jammies. I hadn’t ordered any of the dresses.

For goodness sake, I couldn’t take credit for buying even a single pair of teeny, weeny tights.

And though these clothes were generously bought and given by the hands of others, they were really gracious gifts provided by the arms of God. 

And as I sat there in a puddle of humility among the piles of provisions, the Lord reminded my heart of the Truths found in Matthew 6.

“Oh, fretting Jessica! You have no need to be worried about the clothes Evie will wear. Why are you concerned about clothing anyway? Don’t you see the beautiful flowers in your garden? I was the one that dressed them. If I am concerned about the apparel of something that is here today and gone tomorrow, don’t you think I’ll provide for you and yours? Why is your faith so little and your eyes so blind? Neither you or yours have ever went nakey before, right? Focus your attention on Me; I will provide the clothes. And when I do, remember that I am the one who provided those piles.”


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